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      Tamer Moumen
      Emerging Fund Manager, fitness enthusiast, philanthropist, passionate family man. Short global equities and long oil in 2016. Be disciplined and never dig your heels in!
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      I only buy dips after major drops, take 10% profits on average and never chase. I make all of my entry and exit calls live, which are timestamped and correlate to the stock price. See my timeline for my profits and let's make some money together.
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      A firm believer and developer of using strict rules-based equity trading systems. See my profile link (all free) to view my very successful trading system.
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      Evil Corp
      The Winner decide what's right/wrong. What wrong with playing dirty and getting rich? 10year+ experience has a 80-90% success rate. email for information.and free trail membership Please trade responsibly.
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      A disciple of Jesse Livermore, swing trades with the only objective in mind to trade on the right side. Never argue with the ticker, Market is always right. All my posts are personal opinions and not a recommendation to buy or sell.
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      Bee Dubbs
      Full time trader with 25 yrs. exp in the energy efficiency industry. 11 yrs. actively day / swing trading NatGas, Oil and FX. I share short term trading thoughts & ideas. I do not front-run/pump or suggest trades, and I don't sell anything on ST.
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      Ms Evora
      Evora is an econometrician for a living who invests or trades Futures and Equities in the US and CAN Markets without letting emotions rule her Algorithmic trading. no suggestions, just ideas.
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      Andrew Putman
      Dont mistake my kindness for weakness. CEO | Grey Trading School; Partner, Funds Manger | APMR Consulting | Web Designer, Marketing/Advertising APMR 5 day free trial on our website... Come see the difference.
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      Grey Trading school
      Learn how to chart at our school , try our 5 day free trial you will love it
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      Linvest Research
      Founder at Linvest, provides the best independent research and trading strategies on North American securities and global market , using behavioral, technical and seasonality analysis.No advice here, just information.
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      Brandon Wallace
      Sophomore At Santa Barbara City College / UCLA Transfer Economics Major 18 years young 3x Energy Trader - Future BB Investment Banker
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      emma peel
      don't follow me unless you're long only or you'll get your delicate feelings hurt. no stock advice here -- just common sense. if i ask about a stock it's a very rare one. i'll follow you til i think you're an idiot. i block idiots.
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      TalkMarkets Official Account
      A site with intelligent functionality to automatically tailor our content to the specific interests, preferences & level of investment sophistication of our users. This ensures a browsing experience which is easy, quick and personally relevant.
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      Intermediate: ETF's, ETN's, VIX, Commodities, Equites, Bonds, Swing Trader and Long Term Trader
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      Dean Rogers
      Senior Analyst for Kase and Company, Inc. Specialize in technical analysis, energy forecasting, Fibonacci wave projections and retracements, and momentum. The markets fascinate me, and always love to learn more about them.
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      Shiraz Lakhi
      Investor/Entrepreneur. Founder:
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      HCPG Official Account
      Active traders with focus on momentum stocks; founded HCPG newsletter in 2006
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