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    GovBrain Joined Apr 12, 2013

    GovBrain Has a Unique Trading Signal Based on Digital Political Intelligence and Government Data Science. We Are The Hedge For Hedge Funds.


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      Running Alpha is empowered by smart news sentiment analytics to uncover the physics of crowd movement for dynamically & anonymously tracking the emotional footprint caused by peoples perception biases and capital activity in global financial markets.
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      Daria Woods
      Researcher. Retweets are not endorsements. All opinions are my own. #SocialData #FinTech #TradeLikeAGirl #TickerChicks
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      Wealthy Trades
      At Wealthy Trades we believe that it is imperative that we know the trends in short, medium and long time periods. We have developed tools that scan each commodity and provide a definitive and accurate trend direction, expected daily, weekly and mont
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      Warren Buffett Jr.
      Straight Shooter.
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      Mario Bravo
      Economist passionate about markets and where is the street moving
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      WSnews4investors is the influential source for stock news and Opinion Company with content which delivered over the Internet. In today’s environment, having the accurate information is an essential part of making smart investment decisions.
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      Timberwolf Equity Research is an investment analysis start-up that makes some of its research on equities publicly available through Seeking Alpha.
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      Paul E.
      Professional trader specializing in active intraday strategies. Been playing this game since the 1990's.
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      Stefan Cheplick Official Account
      Interested in market breadth and shareholder yield. Market cap is my favorite metric. Currently bullish and overweight investment firms and Bill Gross. Previously: solar. From the Bay Area, now in Cambridge, MA.
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      One of the greatest assets a trader has is patience. Not jumping too quickly into a trade and waiting for a signal to get into the trade - Mark Wilburn. Posts are opinions only NOT advice.
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      Norbert Barigye Kiiza
      NBC Global is an investment house that does; Investment advisory on equities,currencies and indices. Agricultural Innovations and Solutions Philanthropy Credit Finance
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      Chemical Engineer for a global company that researches and invests in new bio and science companies.
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      The coolest place on the planet to learn about exchange-traded funds. Ask questions; get answers. Join the ETF movement and find others like you.
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      Leigh Drogen Official Account
      Founder and CEO of Estimize, CIO of Surfview Capital, Formerly StockTwits Product and Biz Dev, hockey player, surfer, grill master
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      Capital Market Laboratories
      Capital Market Laboratories (CML) harnesses the power of visual & 'living' data to support investment decisions.
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      The Divergent View
      The Thought Leaders in Financial Opinions The Divergent View is the premier destination for financial and economic opinions, written by professionals with significant experience in asset management, finance, and economics.
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      James Johnson
      Long Term investor looking for value. Professional investor for 25 years-
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      Benzinga Official Account
      Real time news and updates. Bringing you news before it's news. The Trading Idea Network.
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      Matt Sapaula
      Matt Sapaula is America's "Money Smart Guy" -- he has dedicated his professional career to empowering people with the ability to make informed financial decisions.
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      My Trading Income
      Our mission is to help investors create reliable investment income while reducing risk, regardless of market conditions.