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    Alex Taerg

    Check out Hedgemony (http://www.hedgemony.us) - a tool to discover where hedge funds are finding investment opportunities today!
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    grega horvat

    Advanced technical analyzes for the financial markets with method called Elliott Wave Principle. The Elliott Wave Principle gives you a method for identifying at what points the market is most likely to turn. And that, in turn, gives you guidance as
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    Gold Price News, 24 hour Updates, ETF information, Technical Analysis and Gold Coins and Bars webshop
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    Jesse Colombo

    Analyst warning of dangerous bubbles; Forbes columnist; Recognized by the London Times for predicting the Financial Crisis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_Colombo
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    Stocks Screamer

    Are you tired of missing out on those stocks that are having major breakouts? Breakouts happen fast and this app will catch them in the act! Get Stocks Screamer for Android to find stocks realtime as they are making huge gains!
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    Shelly Banjo

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    John Lansing

    Here at Trending123 we use some of the most sophisticated technical analysis to predict the movement of trades, our stock scanner runs an automated analysis of over 16,000 investment instruments, including equities, indices and currencies.