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    Adam Halpern Joined Sep 16, 2009

    IW's NinjaTrader Trading System is the last day trading solution you will ever need to purchase.


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      Do your on research, Im here to share ideas and maybe learn more
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      Francis Senecal
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      Add StockTables toYour Blog
      The clearest way to display stocks on your website or blog. The easiest way to manage the stocks you are featuring to your readers. Easily Show Your Readers Which Stocks They Should be Focusing on. View Our Profile and Get Your Copy to Today...
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      Your BreakOut Specialist
      For more than 8 years James had served as Editor-in-Chief an independently licensed website that offered services based on the CAN SLIM® investment system. He now maintains a watch list of high EPS/RS ranked stocks which looked poised to breakout.
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      Dina Diana
      All posts are only my humble opinion. I do a lot of DD and learn every day. One thing is for sure- the market is a beast of vultures that will trample anything in their way for a string of meat left on a bone. I trust in a Higher Kingdom.
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      Dwayne Paschall
      Predictive analytics profit, machine learning mastermind, ETF expert, stock trading sage. Building tools to simplify complicated market dynamics and build intuitive tools.
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      Rupam Shrivastava
      Rupam is an IIT, MIT, Berkeley, Columbia alum with a CFA, CAIA and FRM. He started Euthenia as an investor's club to trade options with fully documented trades. Our returns are at 21% annualized compared to 6% of S&P (as of 24 July 2015)
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      Gonzo Chinaski
      Free Trial with Real Time Alerts
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      Mick Knutson
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      Social Stocks
      Social Stocks Inc. is a leading provider of social media services for publicly traded companies. Members of this group are welcome to post their stock picks and other public company related materials and news. All spam will be deleted.
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      John Butcofski
      Former Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo Advisors Portfolio Manager. Enjoy fly fishing, tuna fishing, golfing, cooking from scratch and good friends. Big fan of animals, especially dogs!
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      Marko Rantala
      A full time indicator and strategy developer and experienced day trader (mainly futures like FDAX). Founder of
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      Don Gilliam
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      Clement Quek
      US stocks day and swing trader. We need Peace in the world for stocks to move up.
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      Pevoni Trading Academy
      PEVONI - Trading Academy (PTA) is educational and training company. Success in trading is hidden in quality decisions, quality setups & appropriate risk management. We deliver our PRUDENT TRADING SYSTEM to help you trade succesfully and prudently.
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      Alex Kaye
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      Profit TradingRoom
      Daytrader for 10+ years. Developed HIGH Winning % strategy. To GET IN for FREE trial email: / Best broker: LINK below! When filling new account application email me when at "References" to get MUCH lower commission plan!