Jesse Colombo Joined Aug 30, 2012

Analyst warning of dangerous bubbles; Forbes columnist; Recognized by the London Times for predicting the Financial Crisis:


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    Trevor Wilkinson

    27 Years on the investing frontline and still SO much to learn :o)
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    Dividend Buddy

    Your Financial Friend Free financial advice, data, opinions & news. Visit Follow us on Twitter @DividendBuddy Like Us on Facebook & make more buddies.
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    barry horowitz

    Long time Runner, triathlete, Started trading OTC South African gold stocks when Nixon closed the gold window. Now trade mostly Index futures,Options. Student of volume
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    AAAMP Value Blog

    The Arbor Asset Allocation Model Portfolio (AAAMP) is my personal portfolio, which I share with my value investing subscribers. Portfolio management is as much about controlling losses as it is making money.
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    Mark Goldsmith

    Long positions in stock and ETFs. Love to buy stocks that are beaten down undeservedly, and small long term multibaggers.
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    Michael Dee

    I aim to trade from an emotionally balanced place. Think: Golden Mean or the Middle Way - that desirable middle between two extremes, one of excess and the other of deficiency. DT, Swing Trade and LT Growth Plays.
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    Dee Woo

    A columnist for Seekingalpha,Zerohedge,FXstreet,Huffington Post,Financial Times Tilt, Business Insider,Caixin,Forbes China .CIO&CEO and Agora Financial China.
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    ThinkingAlpha A Premiere Day Trading Forum Where Active Traders Exchange Ideas to Maximise Profit.
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    Greg Allmain

    Novice who just happened to stumble across this site/app. Look forward to learning...something, I suppose
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    Bail O'Nomics

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    The Java Pit Trading Room

    The stock whisperer has trained over 1000 traders worldwide. She teaches her online students to day trade and swing trade by mastering time and sales, spotting ECN refreshing, discipline and entering only the highest probability trades.
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    mj manol

    daytrading since 1997, momentum, news, & technical analysis. Long term investor in MLP's and high dividend stocks.
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    charles gasparino

    senior correspondent fox news and fox business
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    Peter Parker

    there's a lot to enjoy in life….will manage my porfolio on weekly basis :-)
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    Tom Mullaly

    First traded options in the summer of 1979, using charts that came in the mail. I was 15. Things have changed.
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    Bill Baruch

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    #Trader, #Tech Strategist, #CFO of Get2Kno, financial author @Minyanville. The TechStrat Report. $AAPL $FEYE $TWTR $FUEL $VRNS. Not advice, just opinion.
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    David Stendahl

    My focus is on trading systems and portfolio construction, specifically within the global futures markets. I track and trade 40 individual markets across eight different sectors.
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    Oliver Sloup

    Senior Account/Managed Futures Specialist at iiTRADER. Visit our website for our free in-house research. Also check out our CTA's and Systems
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    Jean-Pierre Desloges

    I am an independent trader with over 25 years of experience working on the buy and sell-side. I have researched and invested in traditional and alternative asset classes and worked at Pensions Funds, International Banks and Dealers.