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      Penny Stock Research
      You really can make a lot of money with penny stocks… if you know what you’re doing! No other area of the market offers so much potential, yet comes with so much confusion and nonsense as penny stocks.
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      David Brierton
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      Ciao = Hello
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      Blue horseshoe loves Anacott Steel - Wall Street 1987 - financial news service reporting on mergers, acquisitions, rumors...
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      Matt S
      No stupid due diligence diaclaimer here - Duh!! If the market manipulators and shorts can find a way to funk you, they certainly will try! So be aware, because manipulators and Stock Bashing Shorts are all a bunch of Funkers!! GL
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      Dan Mirkin Official Account
      CEO of Trade Ideas LLC The algorithmically cured idea generator
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      Daniel Ward
      Investment Banking Analyst with experience as prop trader on the Street as well as working in asset management. CFA candidate and Seeking Alpha writer. Specializing in value biotech and write Biotech Weekly. Personal opinions, not investment advice.
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      Jim BooDog
      Technical swing trader, stocks under $5. My picks and my analysis are of my own research and should not be used as investment advice.
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      Anthony Digregorio
      "I Need No Introduction"
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      Sean Dekmar
      Connect with 2000+ day traders in over 20 different countries! Join the DekmarTrades team and receive our free morning newsletter by clicking the link below! Email for any questions, comments, or concerns.
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      New Filings
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      Brian Shannon, CMT Official Account
      Pro trader. Author of Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes Most stocks I mention on stockwits are short term.
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      The Chartist
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      "Come Along For The Rise"
      Professional trader and founder of BP Rising Group: The fastest growing investor group off of Wall Street! We provide stock alerts and teach small cap buy and short strategies. Come along for the rise!
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      BreakOut Alerts
      Click below to view our profile. Then you can get signed up to receive our free BreakOut Alerts. They are of high EPS and RS ranked stocks which are breaking out of sound technical bases.
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      Evan Medeiros Official Account
      End of day swing trader specializing in price breakouts. Extreme focus on risk management and controlling exposure based on environment. 60% systematic 40% discretion. I'm here for the long term.
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      Breaking News & Likely Volumes ! Enjoy Living Life in alignment with a Beautiful Mind and positive ways! Every Day’s a New Day!
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      Ron Coby
      I'm a 29 year industry veteran who self-published a book in late 2007 predicting the 2008 collapse (later published by John Wiley & Sons). I just wrote another book in 2015 calling for another market crash(see URL).
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      Victor G
      Financial services website dedicated to provide the research on Stocks Earnings by using our proprietary indicators. Do your own research. Tweets not advice.
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      "What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve" Napoleon Hill