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    YT Lok Joined Sep 15, 2011


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      Not actually Bob
      A money management trader rather than a crystal ball/fundamentals/technical trader, although I do post charts here and there and make predictions upon request. I like to experiment with trading systems that take emotion out of the game.
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      Logical Invest
      We develop intelligent, rule-based portfolio investment strategies for investors Remove uncertainty about your investment strategy decisions and get superior returns with greater safety. Our quantitative portfolio strategies are deliver
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      The Best Broker in Asia 2011-2014. More than 2 000 000 Forex traders all over the world. Opening an account, you get access to trading on Forex, CFDs on NYSE stocks and also to currencies and commodities futures.
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      Paul Johnson
      I like teaching others how to profit from top-rated stocks forming explosive breakout & reversal chart patterns thru my Sunday afternoon & Wednesday evening updates & live intraday stock alerts. (See Terms & Conditions at URL below)
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      The StockDragon Group
      The unique SwingVector Trade Action Conformation Tool correlates easily with Fibonacci & Elliot Wave Forecasts. Wave Group Velocity, Vector-A Probable Candle Stick Range, Vector B Trade Action Amplitude Dispersion Ranges, are for Entertainment Only.
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      Novice but learning fast
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      Ankur Shah
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      R C
      Momentum trader and writer for Co-director of iBC's trading room, 12631. Follow me on twitter:
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      Karena Reiter
      Trader, SINGER and small business owner. I worked on Wall Street at Argus Research as a VP / Rainmaker / Deal Architect with a very astute group of analysts for over 20 years.
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      Mark Scheffler
      Sr. Portfolio Manager, Founder of The Appleton Group LLC and clearTREND Research.
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      Satnam waheguru
      Clinical pharmacist