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    MTRIG Joined Aug 02, 2011

    MTR Investors Group goal is to provide the best Covered / Naked, Credit Spread, and Iron Condor Option Screeer on the web. Screen over 3,100 stocks and over 270,000 options in seconds to find the best possible trades!


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      Equity Trader, Technical Analyst with a Fundamental Backing. Some Day Trading but mostly Swing Trading.
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      David Moadel
      Find plenty of options/stock education at: *** Find me on Twitter at: *** (For informational purposes only; I am not licensed to provide investment advice)
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      Chris Oberbeck
      Christian Oberbeck is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Saratoga Investment Corp., a publicly traded business development company. Mr. Oberbeck brings over 25 years of experience in leveraged finance.
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      Passive Investor
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      Quant Master
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      jie wu
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      George Marcovits Official Account
      BSc, P.Eng., C.Eng. who turned to trader 28 years ago. Developed easy to follow and effective indicators based on eSignal. See a live presentation and install SSI and screeners on your own computer, free for a month. Skype>>>gemsbot for info.
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      Gavin Wright
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      Musician, Active Trader. Reading the Music of the Markets, One Crescendo at a Time. Past Floor Trader, Branch Manager and E.F.Hutton alum, keep listening.
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      been preparing to trade for a living for over a decade. Just a retail trader who attempts to trade what the market is giving. Retail traders are not trading against each other, you are not my competition.
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      Henri Steenkamp
      Henri Steenkamp is the CFO, Treasurer, and CCO of Saratoga Investment Advisors, LLC. He works and lives primarily in New York City.
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      Fantasy Stock Traders
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      Don Basile
      Don Basile is an entrepreneur and high tech investor with 20 years of experience in technology, healthcare, and telecommunications. Basile currently serves as an investor in multiple companies, including Cumulus Logic.
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      Goldstone Financial Group
      Led by Anthony Pellegrino and Michael Pellegrino, Goldstone Financial Group is a comprehensive financial solutions provider based in Chicago. They provide financial planning targeted at earning consistent, reliable returns in all market environments.
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      The Grand Nagus
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      Jonathan Mase
      Jonathan Mase is a healthcare professional from Suffern, NY. He works in health care management in Suffern, Ramapo, Rockland, the New York Lower Hudson Valley Region, and New Jersey (Northern NJ). Jonathan A. Mase is an experienced investor.
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      My Trading Buddy
      My Trading Buddy is a Free Total resource Portal for All Traders. With Free Trading Education Blog, Markets Analysis Magazine and even a Free App with Exclusive Trading Tools.
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      Stocks High Alert
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      Joshua J Ramsdell
      Consulting public companies on news distribution, marketing, and online exposure. Also, a beginning trader. My ideas or statements are not meant to be investing advice. I am not a licensed broker.