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    Mark Quinn Joined Aug 24, 2012

    Former mutual fund manager Private investor Author of two novels: The Chairman and The Chairman's Challenge, adjunct faculty member at NIU, Columbia College, and Elmhurst College, realist disguised as a cynic


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      Cardiac electrophysiologist (heart rhythms, pacemakers, ablations, etc) by day, value investor by night, momentum trader between cases :)
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      ChartLabPro is a leading provider of quantitative advice solutions for retail and institutional investors. The company is leading the way in helping investors create and manage institutional quality investment portfolios
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      Stefan Cheplick Official Account
      @StockTwits forever. My investment style is a mix of fundamental and technical analysis. I have two accounts: long-term holds and swing trades. 5+ years of watching and writing about markets... Yet still learning.
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      Tadas Viskanta Official Account
      Tadas Viskanta, Founder and Editor of Abnormal Returns. Author of Abnormal Returns: Winning Strategies from the Frontlines of the Investment Blogosphere.
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      herb greenberg Official Account
      Editor, Herb Greenberg's Reality Check
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      Jim Cramer Official Account
      I am co-founder and chairman of TheStreet. I run the charitable trust portfolio, Action Alerts PLUS, and host CNBC's Mad Money television program.