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      Day Trader Paradise Chat
      Precise algo. trading and crowdsourced TA to predict price targets to the penny every day! Join the largest FREE community chat of helpful full-time day traders in the world (900+). 70% off our algo and tools for life if you join the pre-launch beta!
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      Sam Holz
      Sam Holz was one of the Student Managers of the CU Men’s Basketball team the year the squad won the PAC-12 Tournament Championship. He provided the behind the scenes support and guidance needed for players to be their best throughout the season.
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      Anthony Pellegrino
      Anthony Pellegrino is the Principal & Owner of Goldstone Financial Group. He is an expert in cash management and income planning strategies that ensure a lifetime of income that you cannot outlive.
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      Goldstone Financial Group
      Led by Anthony Pellegrino and Michael Pellegrino, Goldstone Financial Group is a comprehensive financial solutions provider based in Chicago. They provide financial planning targeted at earning consistent, reliable returns in all market environments.