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    Paul Stehelin Joined Sep 25, 2013


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      Have been studying for the past few years, love to learn new ideas and try new skills.
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      Brad Hardy
      ride the SHARKS!
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      Gary M (R2S2)
      participate in a Skype trading group
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      Sean Hegan
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      Wayne WM
      Have been with The_Stock_Whisper for more than a year. Never stop learning and the account is up BIG. SpideyTrader has The Spidey Scanner, sets him up with fantastic trades . A Master trader. Getting pretty good myself by following my Dumbo Scanner.
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      The Java Pit Trading Room
      90% of my picks for 2014 made $$$. The stock whisperer has trained over 1000 traders worldwide. She teaches her online students to day trade and swing by entering only the highest probability trades.