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    Ilya Grigorovich
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    Bryan Edwards
    I live in Roaring River, NC where I trade and help others trade HarmonicWaveConvergence using the ShredderFX strategy and "EdwardsAngles" via, come join the new paradigm. Charts tweeted here are from my live charts that I trade.
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    Marco Di Dionisio
    Co-founder/CEO of DD Capital Fund. I am a Prop Trader. Former financial/political analyst at Thai Embassy-Rome & writer at ANSA & the CDC. 15yrs investing in equities. LT, Technical, Position
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    Andrew Sather
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    Futures Magazine Official Account
    News, analysis and strategies for futures, options, forex and stock traders by Dan Collins and Yesenia Duran.
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    First Carolina Capital
    At the age of 14, instead of learning how to fix cars or ride motorcycles, I was taught investing/trading techniques. For the past 12 years, that's what I've done; it's my passion! Please, feel free to reach out to me!
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    Let's Talk Trading
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    Brian Hauer
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    Crim Son
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    Earnings Impact
    Your trusted source for market hour transcripts of Earnings Calls, Business Updates, Mergers & Acquisitions - FAST, ACCURATE AND FREE
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    Urdaneta Statistical Tools
    Urdaneta is a simple-use and automated portfolio selection tool aimed at savers and part-time investors who are aware of stockmarket underlying risks, give special attention to dividends and wish to minimize their portfolio swings
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    Taylor T.
    New to the game. Interested in spotting growth early (like everyone else) and finding value