Giles Cumner Joined Nov 18, 2010

Futures day trader using volume and market profile, VWAP bands and order flow. Previously a broker dealer in stocks, bonds and options for 16 years and qualified Chartered Market Technician (CMT).


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    Doug Mckay
    Quantum Leap is a private trade room that has been around since 2009. It is a group of retail traders operating within a S.O.L.E (self organized learning enviroment). We are traders helping traders with focus on trading well.
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    Attitude Trader
    Index futures day trader. Attitude is everything.
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    Jon Boorman, CMT Official Account
    Trend follower, portfolio manager, market technician. Former sales trader to hedge funds/institutions, research analyst, prop trader, buy-side head of desk. Only took 25 years to find what works for me. Always learning.
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    uri or
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    Patrick Campbell
    With over 28 years of trading experience, we at Triggered Signal Trading use simple algorithms which show where to place risk with tight stops to allow winners to run to their full potential. Views expressed here are for informational purposes o
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    Ben Lichtenstein Official Account
    Breaking news, live market updates, and Real-Time broadcasts straight from the trading floor of the CBOT & NYMEX, S&P, Emini, Grains, Softs, Metals, Forex, Bonds, and Energies
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    Sharedata Futures
    Predictive Analytics | Data Visualization | Inferential Analysis for the WTI Crude Market.
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    Jason Sen
    Jason Sen, founder of, began trading on the ‘open outcry’ trading floor of the London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE) in 1987 at the age of 19
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    Chris Sutch
    Part-Time Emini Dow Trader, day trading the afternoon sessions in the US.
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    CME Group Official Account
    The world's most diverse financial marketplace made up of CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX and KCBT. Follow us for global economic and financial news.
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    Tim Bourquin
    Part-time trader and full-time entrepreneur
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    Andrew Menaker, PhD
    Active trader, PhD in psych., perf. coach since 1995, translating neuroscience & BF into action to improve perf. Clients include some of the top traders in the world.
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    Market Delta
    Sharing charts and ideas with the trading community at large. Check out our website for a full bio of what we do and who we are.
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    L2ST mentorship student and trading room member. Main markets-FDAX and FESX
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    Value discretionary trader. Main education: L2ST UK (Highly Recommended!) . Currently trading the BUND (also experience with FESX, FDAX). Sharing my trading progress with my followers.
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    Jiri Merz
    trader, kiter, musician, loving life ...
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    TopstepTrader is your opportunity to make real money without risking personal trading capital. Prove your skills to our team and you'll earn a funded account. 888.407.1611
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    Kam Dhadwar
    Professional Proprietary Trader based in London, United Kingdom. Uses Auction Market Theory and Volume Market Profile.
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    Futures Trader71
    Professional index futures and commodities trader in Chicago. Prop trading shop owner. Principal at Trading Futures is not suitable for all investors.