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    Raffaella D Joined Oct 30, 2013

    Lawyer/MBA. Focus on metals, mining stocks and oil. Enjoy hanging out with my Shar Pei, Scarlett, my Coonhound puppy, Sammy and my 2 Red Eared Slider turtles!


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      Analysis, reasoning, and fundamentals. Feelings don't equal money. // Better to mistakenly abandon a good trade than stubbornly stick with a bad one.
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      James Madison
      Macro/Value/GARP/Contrarian Investor. Bringing the enlightenment and scientific reasoning to the world since 1779 with my boy; Thomas Jefferson.
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      Mei Day Trading
      Here to make a little money. secretly aiming for millions.
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      "In trading be like water." "Technical Analysis, Chart/Candlestick Patterns, Live Streaming Market Coverage, 24/7 Discussion and an amazing community of traders"
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      Stuart McCrea
      Real Estate Development Investor
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      The Market is an organism. Alive and breathing
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      Option Bob
      Trader and entrepreneur. Market is not rational. Stocks fluctuate excessively without any changes in fundamentals. Positioning is the single most important factor determining price action.
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      Ben Silverberg
      Man About Town; Raconteur; Adventurer; Drawn To The Markets Everyday; A Student of Wall Street
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      Charles Chen PhD. Math 3 time winner of Robbins Trading Championship actually planted seeds that propel my enthusiasm for trading. Mr. Chen taught taught me Elliott Wave principle and more difficult concepts of money management skills. Scalper!
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      Option Millionaires
      We are the fastest growing community of stock option traders on the web.
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      Prestige worldwide
      Futures day trader with an emphasis on high probability scalps. Discretionary trading, cash emini arb. Block the noise; plan the dive; trade the plan, SAT U.2 diver for life.
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      Peter Brandt Official Account
      Peter L Brandt. Classical chart trader since 1981. Author, #1 book, Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader. Trading real markets with real money in real time.
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      Economic Calendar Official Account is a financial news website that provides market commentary on forex, indices, commodities, and economic events.
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      Callum Thomas Official Account
      Multi asset investment strategist. My views are my own (and not advice!). Likes: charts, multi-asset investing, economics, geopolitics, contrarianism
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      David Moadel
      Find plenty of options/stock education at: *** Find me on Twitter at: *** (For informational purposes only; I am not licensed to provide investment advice)
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      Ralph Acampora Official Account
      The Godfather of Technical Analysis. Instructor at @nyifinance. Retweets are not endorsements.
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      Scott Smith
      My incredibly smart wife one day suggested that I stop talking to the TV on how to trade and to use my knowledge instead to help others. So, here I am.
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      Im a true believer that the market will have a big correction soon. #creamday . I am all about macro-economics, long term, chess, psychology, and supply and demand. I am long physical gold and uranium. Check out my spreadsheet below.
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      Denny Jeremic
      I am a mark to market trader with large cap stocks. I will never again play with small caps. Average hold is 1 hr to 1 week. I will be posting all of my buys and sales as i do them here.
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      Andy Nyquist Official Account
      Founder of investing research site, @seeitmarket. Active Investor/Technician. New Age Media. Sports Aficionado. Husband and Father of 3. Views are mine - not investing advice.