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    Daniel Karbowitz

    "What I do have is a very particular set of skills; skills I have aquired over a very long career." -Liam Neeson "There is a tide in the affairs of men.Which,taken at the flood,leads on to fortune." Shakespeare
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    Barton Frets

    Learned trading by reading, studying, failing and getting up to try again. Professional trader on my own for almost 10 years now.
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    Darren Miller

    Created the Market Awareness Profile (MAP). Author. Premium seller in the indices (SPX, NDX, RUT).
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    Joe Weidenburner

    President of JRW Financial LLC. CANSLIM, Growth Stocks, Fundamental and Technical Setups with STRICT Risk Management. This is a personal account and should not be construed as investment advice affiliated with JRW Financial LLC.
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    Mike T.

    Finding truth in charts and fundamentals and tuning out the noise. Looking for fat pitches and hitting grand slams! Checkout my website for more info about me and my current holdings.
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    Active Financial Advisor 29 years. Swing Trader. William O'Neil CANSLIM disciple. Keep it Simple, Love Trumps Fear, just Ask. Not investment advice
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    Kim Wong

    Former electronic engineer turned broker / analyst. CNBC/USA Today Investment Challenge professional options division champ. Now retired and enjoy trading stock and options daily. In the market 32 years, learned from experience to trust charts.
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    Kevin Li

    Turned professional in 2009. It can only go up or down, right? I only make a few trades a day - those that I post are the ones I feel have the highest success rate.
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    Dan Zanger

    World Record Holder Top Swing Trader - Turned $11,000 to over $40,000,000.
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    Trader- Sassy - UCLA and USC Graduate
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    Todd Sullivan
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    Jean Paul Coutellier

    Independant active investor, trading US equities, mainly using the CAN SLIM method as well as the pocket pivot approach. I am Belgian and currently live in Southern France.
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    Matt Lynch

    I'm a proprietary equities trader in NY. My mornings are dedicated to trading gaps and after 10:30 the focus shifts to relative strength/weakness market plays. Technical analysis is the end all!
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    ARN Insider Trades

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    Steve Foxx

    A long-term-trader who avoids noise, manages risk & views only WEEKLY bars. Winning and losing trades tell the complete story.
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    Often in Doubt, Sometimes Right.Trades.Eats.Plays.Sleeps.Trades. Victoria per concordiam cum foro. Success through harmony with the marketplace. Price is everything.
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    Evan Evans

    Fast Money Swing Trader of low-risk/high-reward, short & medium term, momo setup patterns (all caps); Prospects with at least an annualized rate of 800%-4000%. Most ideas include Position Sizing, R/R, Stops, and Targets. (30yrs)
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    Sharon Yau

    I'm a prop trader who mostly trades breakout patterns and momentum. I will either scalp, scale in intra-day, or will build a position for days anticipating a big move. Love volume. Love under $20 stocks.
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    Tim W

    I was once a Bagholder now I make a living just trading. I look for explosive setups. I scalp and take swing positions. I'm just living the dream.
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    David Urban

    Accomplished financial professional with more than 10 years of global financial markets experience and 5 years global experience at the C level working for a number of global asset managers.