Matt Delray Joined Jan 21, 2013

I am a trader. I look for breakouts on the daily and prepare for up or down markets. I will post some trades I'm stalking which are not meant to be recommendations. Think through the risks you take before entering any trade.


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    We provide research on specific stock prior to earnings release date. Our strategy is low risk and sets out specific positions according to portfolio size. We take up to 4 positions a month so you don't need to be at your screen all day !
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    cameron fous

    Ive made nearly $400k in just 2 years. My job is to teach you how i did it. Watch me trade live everyday and learn with me on FOUStv
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    Equities/Options - holding periods of 1 week to 3 months. All my ideas are just thoughts/commentary and not recommendations in any way. Please do your own due diligence.
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    JR Navarro