Melvin Woods Joined Dec 31, 2013

I don't mind having all of my eggs in one basket, especially if it is made of titanium and contains titanium eggs!!!


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    Ami Heines
    Experienced investor & trader using a unique mixture of fundamental and technical analysis
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    I am the founder and moderator of the live trading chat room at The teamwork among the traders in our chat room is very rare in this industry. I am proud to be a part of it! The bike is my Aprilia RSV4!
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    Dave Neville
    Writer,Dr.,Lawyer,Architect,Equities day trader,Race car driver, Actor,Philanthropist,Astronaut,Time traveler,Bull shit artist, The Last one is a lie,Trust Me. Tawas Michigan
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    Brian Barboza
    I like to cook...then...learn as much as I can about trading as possible. I'm a newbee and I don't want to loose.
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    Colin Macleod
    Obsessed day trader looking to take the market for all its worth bringing all of you along with me for the ride & promise to bust out a sick amount of money making Tweets everyday FOLLOW ME!
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    tom lloyd sr.
    Tom Lloyd has over 25 years experience with quant systems & charting stocks for institutions. He has an MBA in Accounting. Articles on and book "Successful Stock Signals" is at bookstore.
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    Does It Matter?
    I believe multiple sources of income molds a brighter future, this is just one of them. 25 Years Young Entrepreneurial Spirit Real Estate, Marketing, Business= Hobbies
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    Remi RĂ©moulade
    I studied at Morningwood Academy. I am a member of the Skull and Bones Society. The son of Linus van Pelt III. Pleased to meet you! My strategy: A blindfolded monkey throwing darts at stocks / If you think long then sell short.
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    Ricky Jay
    Economics major, former Merrill Lynch intern, 2 startups under belt, specialize in biotech Follow me on twitter -->
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    John Blake
    Law Firm Consultant. Speculative stocks and turnarounds. Not an attorney nor investment advisor do your own DD always
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    Dustin Howe
    It started way back in history With Ad-Rock, M.C.A. (and me) Mike D!
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    Kneel D
    Paid Pumper
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    Kevin D
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    Johann Brantz Rossen
    Educated overseas, degree in Finance from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, Master of Business - Finance in the same.
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    Jack Ryan Jr
    I've been trading equities since 1978. Learned charting by hand on graph paper, and handicapping at Del Mar. Paid for Universities, 1st House @ 25, & still going. Almost 40yrs experience through multiple market phases!
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    Ar1el B0uzas
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    Gil C.