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      Cody Freeman
      Relative Strength trend trader. I manage private accounts, focusing on technical trends and risk management.
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      North Trader
      Futures & options trader, entrepreneur, serial expat. Keeping it real, but light. For market analysis or to join our trading community please visit the site.
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      Irvin Goldman
      Former head of strategy of the Chief Investment Office at JPMorgan Chase, Former Head Proprietary Trading Credit Suisse First Boston. Irvin Goldman is President of Validity Holdings in New Jersey.
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      technicaly biased trader. Business owner in tech industry, poker player, and hack golfer.
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      David Milberg
      David Milberg is an investor and entrepreneur from New York City. Milberg has a passion for theater, specifically musical comedy. He is a board member of the Princeton University Triangle Club.
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      Bitcoin Magazine Official Account
      The most accurate and up-to-date source of information, news and commentary about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
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      Jim Official Account
      Salty old Professor who enjoys tweet sentiment and financial markets research.
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      Caleb Babb
      Sales Executive, Options Trader, Web Domain Acquisition/Sales, Music Composer
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      Apache Corporation Official Account
      Apache Corporation is an oil and gas exploration and production company with operations in the United States, Canada, Egypt, the United Kingdom North Sea and Australia.
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      TheFly Official Account
      The Fly is a leading digital publisher of real-time financial news. The Fly team scours all sources of company news, from mainstream to cutting-edge, then filters out the noise to deliver short-form stories consisting of only market moving content.
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      Growth Stocks at Value Prices / Contrarian Opportunities / Short-Term Pricing Inefficiencies
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      Raman Bindlish
    13. Thumb-1441768519
      The Unusual Option Trading Application (“UOTApp”) is a platform used to monitor option trading activity.
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      Jose Cuervo
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      Alpha Modus Corp
      Alpha Modus is a virtual financial technology marketplace that is dis-intermediating the investment management business through the use of collective and machine intelligence. Alpha Modus supplies highly skilled teams of data scientists with resource
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      Jordan Thurow
      University of Wisconsin-Whitewater student. UW-W Applied Investments Research Analyst. Pursuing major in #Finance. I love charting and other components of technical analysis. #UW-W #Finance
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      Emily Muhleman
      Over 4.5 years' experience on the buyside. Spent nearly 3 years of my professional career as a Research Analyst investing in public markets (stocks) and the other 2 in the private arena (VC/growth equity and distressed/restructurings).
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      "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn´t thinking" (George S. Patton)
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      Mitch Firestone
      Trading for a living since 2012: equities, options spreads, futures (indexes, oil/gold, currencies). Intraday & conversion to swing when higher timeframe supports that.
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      Jan Dawson
      I'm an industry analyst at consultant and run Jackdaw Research, an advisory firm focused on the consumer technology market. I blog at and tweet as @jandawson.