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    MjM Squawk
    Entrepreneur,day&swing trader
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    The Turtle Follower
    Most importantly a Husband & Father -Trend Following Stock Trader - Trading for the past 5 years - PRICE IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!!
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    Ken Chester
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    Jim Makos
    By gambling and investing with real money online, I put my money where my mouth is. I began with card counting at blackjack tables, moved to sports trading at betting exchanges, played online poker and ended up investing in stock market and forex.
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    Forward View Consulting
    Forward View Consulting: Propelling your business forward with 21st century financial research/and analysis and financial consulting. We officially cover $CAB, $JAH, $JOY, $LNKD, $SALE, $WLB and $YELP.
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    Graeme Ballard
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    Warren of Wall St
    Warren is the @SimplyWallSt mascot who helps you find great long term investment ideas.
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    Edwin Chung
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    Callum Thomas Official Account
    Multi asset investment strategist. My views are my own. Likes: charts, multi-asset investing, economics, geopolitics, contrarianism
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    Equity Options Trader 20+ years, bulge bracket firms & buy side, price tells all, just opinions, not investment advice
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    On the prowl for low-risk, high probability setups. Trying to make complex analysis simple. Boiling down on ocean of technical analysis, sentiment and seasonality-related data to a few drops of actionable ideas. iSPYETF founded by Simon Maierhofer.
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    Mike Levin
    I like quirky actors and sneaky Trendlines. Attracted to short term indicators and an occasional glass of Champanya, ok maybe a bottle...
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    Hannah Ishmael
    Hannah Ishmael graduated with an economics degree from Columbia University, and now covers the pharma industry for Bidness Etc.
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    Investing in Frontier Markets / Emerging Market Stocks, ADRs, ETFs & Funds + Reality...
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    Joseph James
    Professional Trader and Mentor. Specializing intra-day moves on the Gold, Crude, Euro and Russell. I run a live trade room, opens @ 8:00am EST each day M-F. 800.381.2084 Skype: SchoolOfTrade
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    Join me on my blog: - A diary style blog focused on risk management, emotional aspects of trading and best practices where I follow a live portfolio, list all trades, and track its performance through time.
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    Matthew B
    Worked in NYC for 13 years, mostly stocks, now live in Panama managing mostly EM debt.
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    Jay Greenberg
    LexShares Co-founder and CEO; LexShares is an online marketplace enabling individuals to invest in litigation.
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    Sri is an equities/commodities options investor. Follows management moves in the companies very closely. Sri is a physicist/engineer by training with interests in automation. Twitter @vatsid
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    David Moadel
    Follow me and I'll follow you back. I am an English teacher, and I have no products or services for sale. I post here because I enjoy it!