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    joe mama
    buy 52 highs sell 52 lows set a stop/trailing stop SIMPLE. I dont give a *UCK about your opinion got it? I trade my plan, my rules & *UCK what YOU think. :) I only care to be right by the market & *UCK :YOU. oh & thank u Mr Jesse Livermore!
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    The King
    Inherited & invested $2M in May 2009, portfolio now ~$8.5M. Purchased basket of Growing, "Brand like", High Quality, Fundamentally Strong, High % Domestic Revenue companies w LONG TERM outlook. Try to keep LONG TERM perspective & invest, not trade.
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    Long time Trader and Triathlete. Technical, Fundamental, Private Equity.
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    Stock Hitter
    Trading stocks is the same thing as owning a business. The only difference is “you” are the actual business.
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    Robert Culbertson Official Account
    Serial Entrepreneur - last adventure acquired by UK firm in 1999 - went back to teach at alma mater - CMU.
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    Andy Burkly, CFA,CMT Official Account
    Portfolio Strategist
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    Deric Cadora, CTA
    I am a CTA focusing on index futures, precious metals, oil, and the dollar. I also publish an online newsletter about cycles and technical analysis.
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    Tad Doughty Official Account
    Financial advisor working for a leading RIA. I currently manage approximately $130M of client assets.
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    Vix Updates
    Updates on the VIX and other volatility indexes
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    Dave Kim
    Former Wall Street trader, entrepreneur, delivering happiness. Follow me on twitter @dbk312
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    Trader. & New York Business Student. Providing detailed algorithms. The platform used to conduct trades is RIZM.- Day by Day.
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    Smarter Analyst
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    Ayman Khlifat
    Full time Commodities , Indices And FX Trader , you can find my analysis on Twitter @aymankkhlifat /
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    Trading Proverbs
    The best quotes and ideas from the greatest investors and traders. @tradingproverbs
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    Individual investor employing fundamental and technical analysis, a believer both are necessary to achieve decent results. "A man does not swear eternal allegiance to either the bull or the bear side. His concern lies with being right" ~JL
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    Russell Lindley
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    Focus on fundamentals and some technicals. Need catalysts to get me interested. Mainly focused on small cap growth stocks, turnarounds, or beaten down big caps.
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    Rosco J
    Mechanical Engineer by trade (batchelor' degree) working on an M.B.A. I like to trade on my days off and I'm working towards trading full time while gaining financial freedom from full time employment. Fingers crossed.
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    rich severson
    Invest in 1 or 2 stocks and trade them both ways all year round come learn more http;//
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    Brian Newmark
    Brian Newmark is a digital marketing strategist. With 20 plus years of sales and marketing expertise, Brian is able to spot trends in the market and capitalize on the opportunity. Newmark has done consulting corporations, governments and celebrities.