Jeff McDowell, CMT Joined May 15, 2012

Technical Analysis. Empirical Research. Quantitative Innovation.


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    Blue arrow inside bar trades, Short term swing/day trades. Blue Triangle/Consolidation zone breakout trades, bullish reversals trades.
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    Aron Ralston
    Aron Ralston is well known for his survival of a canyoneering accident where his arm was caught underneath a enormous boulder. In order to escape from this predicament he preformed a self-amputation which was made famous by the movie 127 hours.
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    361 Capital Official Account
    Founded in 2001, 361 Capital is an investments firm specializing in liquid alternative mutual funds.
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    Robert Peck
    Bob is a graduate of Columbia Business School. He has been a Sr Analyst at Lehman as well as Bear Stearns, where he focused on Internet and technology. Bob then led Internet research at Baron Capital and has been quoted on CNBC and the WSJ.
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    Melvin Woods
    I don't mind having all of my eggs in one basket, especially if it is made of titanium and contains titanium eggs!!!
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    Gayle gjinaj
    New investor. Like swing trading. Still have much to learn on reading charts. Like some long term stocks. All $ for retirement.
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    Top Breakout Stocks
    Stocks breaking out to new highs and lows. Average gain/loss after previous breakouts. ~~Ride the wave~~
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    Anthony S
    best job in the world-trading in my boardshorts - start with the idea that markets are supposed to go up and go from there
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    Mark Arbeter CMT
    26 year Wall Street veteran. Investing since 19. Former Chief Technical Strategist for major Wall Street Firm. CMT. Former head of the MTA Admissions Committee. Shortlisted in 2013 as one of the best technicians for an equity research firm.
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    Ophir Gottlieb Official Account
    CEO @CapitalMarketLabs. @TheStreet Contributor. EMD Research, Gov. Investors. Ex-Option Market Maker. MS Stanford Math, Movie Maker, Animal & Ice Cream Lover.
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    Alpha_Now Official Account
    Alpha Now delivers timely and relevant investment insight to help investment management professionals identify emerging trends in the global financial markets and their portfolios.
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    Developer of the Visionary lines system that identifies strong stock setups ready to catch 100% to 200% gains in options within 1 to 3 weeks . Become a special follower and receive detailed charts from me via email before the stocks move large.
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    Technical Investor
    Short and Long term investor employing Technical Analysis and supply and demand to maximize performance.
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    Erin Swenlin Heim
    Decision Point offers unique technical analysis resources/research. Daily Trackers for BUY and SELL signals. We have current and historical charts of indexes and indicators, some going back to 1926. Mention Stocktwits for $10 off!
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    Mohannad Aama
    Portfolio Manager at Beam Capital Management
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    Curious finance guy from the 'T dot O.' Hedge fund manger. Intersecting the tenets of finance and the Articles of Faith.
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    Chip Anderson
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    Active traders with focus on commodities and tech; founded HCPG newsletter in 2006
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    mark minervini Official Account
    Author of Trade Like A Stock Market Wizard - Also featured in Stock Market Wizards; America's Top Stock Traders by Jack Schwager
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    catherine holahan
    Financial journalist. Worked behind the scenes for CNBC's Fast Money. Former BusinessWeek Technology reporter.