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      James D
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      Curtis Melonopoly
      Blessed. Best Wife, Kids and Friends Ever. Wanderlust. Entrepreneur. Online Digital Disruption Nerd. DayTrader. Czar @tribaldisrupt Q2 2016. Connect: Instagram: Twitter:
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      Yang Lu
      Model, swing trader, pornstar
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      zQuant Official Account
      Day trading strategy combines 28 algorithms and targets 300% in annual return. We make $2,600 daily. You can request our daily trades by sending us an email at Please follow us that we can communicate via private messages.
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      Troll Account
      Momentum / swing trader with an emphasis on high R/R Ratio carry trades & scalps. Avid scuba diver & climber. I post most of my trades live, follow me if you want to follow along. Sorry, no website. I don't t have anything to sell.
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      Jake Wujastyk
      Started trading age 13. Have had MANY humbling experiences since. Grad. w/ BSBA Economics at WCOB HP at App State . Consider myself a chartist/tech trader. Pattern/swing through scaling. All charts and posts my opinion only and not financial advice.
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      Chris Brewer
      Gold and silver bug
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      Kung Fu Tzu Pao
      Master Technical Analyst with 40 years experience in the market.
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      Mark Out
      I used to be a coffee bitch and a puppet trader. If you're the latter just make sure you can actually learn something from who you follow, if you do eventually you'll make money… lots of it.
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      MomentumPartnersllc We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails. Like a Spinnaker we try to catch as much Asymetrical Opportunity as possible. Nullius n verba which means you trade at your own risk nothing we say here taken serious
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      Dante Valerian
      Former US Navy. Former ISE MM. My posts are not investment advice. I mostly sell options, trade futures and short over-hyped & overvalued stocks. Breaking News: I can't tell the future, and neither can you. Get past it.
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      Volatility reveals attractive options trades and makes it simple to deeply analyze the profitability of your strategies. Intuitive backtesting and options analysis tools. Join the free beta at the link below.
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      J T
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      Check that ego at the door and find your niche.
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      I primarily swing trade ETNs and Tech stocks. I make all of my entry and exit calls live, which are timestamped and correlate to the stock price. See my timeline for my profits and let's make some money together.
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      trade away!
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      "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn´t thinking" (George S. Patton)
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      Warrior Trading
      Warrior Trading is a community of professional traders working together to generate ideas, post breaking news, and educate beginner traders. I run a live audio/screenshare feed into my office so anyone that wants to watch me trading can stop by
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      John McLaughlin - StockCoach
      Master Day Trading Coach (Stocks) - End big money Losing - Start big money Winning. - Income Potential: $300K+/yr (Authentic-No Hype) -- Prifile: - please Follow + Call for your Free Consultation - 949-218-4114
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      Laura Lee
      Stocktwits allows me to learn from the very best which is such a Blessing! My profile pic is 'Lana del Rey', I adore her! Cheers & Best of Luck To You!!<3