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      retired day trader
      AAPL-CMG...SHORT OIL/GOLD/USD .RETIRED...agility of Walter peyton, and the brains of Srinivasa Ramanujan.- I need to add for everyone who thinks Im a perma-bear and short. watch my plays and learn..FOLLOW ME R.i.p. MGT
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      Ryan Hein
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      Profit TradingRoom
      Daytrader for 14+ years. Developed HIGH Winning % strategy. To GET IN for FREE trial email: /// Want info about best broker I recommend? - email me to get details! ///
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      Kristopher Smith
      Financial Analyst and Trader. Trading my way to freedom, one profit taking sale at a time.
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      Money Dude...Money
      -Self Made -Strong enough purpose and motivation not needed -Fearless but humble -Think big -Live big -You can have it it you want it bad enough -Follow your dream, and your gut
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      Nothing is what it seems, remember that. Life is short, time is luck, make the most of it.
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      jea yu
      Financial markets strategist, trader, analyst, author, speaker and student. Forbes Best of the Web 4 consecutive years. Published by Bloomberg Press, John Wiley & Sons and McGraw Hill.
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      Score Pione
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      Follow me on Twitter @DrVixFutures. Created new account to share my ideas & hidden prices with all great minds out there. I trade Future, Commodity, ETF and Stocks. Blast me with your thoughts, learning everyday
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      Frank Mayo, CRM
      Retired Commercial Insurance Broker and Certified Risk Manager, Sell premium to lower cost basis, directional with debit & credit spreads vs. long/short stock. 10-20% Physical Precious metals to maintain buying power in crisis environments.
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      Daily chart alerts!, Blue Arrow Alert! (Trade Inside Bar & Up!) Price Alerts! (Full Time Frame Continuity) Daily Outside Gap Up ! list
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      Mr. A
      Dropout from a Computer Science and a Psychology degree. since the age of 18, I have worked with many reputable Fortune 100 companies. I couldn't imagine to be where I'm at without following "the saying"
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      Please don't follow my trades. I win & lose all the time. BTW, I have no idea what I'm doing.
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      Thomas Jefferson
      A simple Virginia farmer and staunch advocate for Reason, Rationality and Independence.
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      Shah M
      Been investing for almost 20 years - moving toward trading full time because I cannot work for someone else anymore. I am using Renko charts now, much better once you have got settings right. Fav trades are VIX & NG products. GLTA!
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      **Trading Room Open,Only $49.99USD Per/Month**. Looking to build a community of traders ( All Levels) and take on this market together. NO COURSES, NO GIMMICKS, NO BS ,the chat room is the classroom! If interested, Email me:
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      Tom Tom
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      Aris Chevios
      Buy what they are buying sell what they are selling, stay busy stay sharp, work hard work smart and you'll get paid. I have blown enough accounts and learned the hard way, listen to me and save your account. I am not here to sell you anything.
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      Michael Zhang
      Active long-term growth investor with interests in trend and technical analysis. Focus on Internet, cloud, biotech, financial and anything that grows 20% YoY.