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    Dan Joined Mar 11, 2013


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      Thang Nguyen
      Mostly day trade with goal to provide daily income. Capital preservation is the key to survive this market environment. Trading experience 18+ years. You're responsible for your trades.
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      Mark H
      15 year old long term investor of the biotechs, do not judge me by my age, judge me by my picks. Current holdings are ZIOP 3.78, CRMD 3.35, SYN 2.48, XON 39.19, and SGYP 4.50. Prices shown is the price I first bought the stock at.
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      LiteCoin is the future. Currently starting a 1mil to 5k challenge. News > technicals.
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      Josh McGuire
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      BullTrade Corp
      Leading Stock Alerts and Daytrading Newsletter since 1998.
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      John Salvador
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      Kevin Wan
      My three portfolio's are a combined value of $374K Visit my website for a free week of training, video lessons, and calls.
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      John Pel
      Thank you to the honest, smart, and helpful people here. Be rewarded in your portfolio. We all should be here to help and point out unethical behavior. IMO Control loss best advise given.
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      Sharing Biotech/Pharma NEWS, info and ideas. (Disclaimer: I am NOT invested in any financial investment position and/or equity. NOT compensated for any posts. Postings are NOT INVESTMENT at your own risk. Use D/D.)
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      Lance Jepsen
      Stock trader and blogger.
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      PhD in the biomedical sciences. Been investing in the biotechnology sector for 20 years focusing on capturing the big gains.
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      Twitter: @chartingManDan
      Basic technical analysis videos for the masses to begin to learn how to use charts to stay one step ahead of the herd. Visit today to learn how to use T/A for more profitable trading and investing. Live webcam daily just enabled
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      First Derivatives
      Now Available on Bloomberg Terminals APPS DNA<Go> <><> Want a ChartDNA analysis of your stock? Follow @ChartDNA and DM with stock, % stop, % target, time interval, long or short
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      Short Term Trader /// Concentrate on Biotech and Oil /// Do not take my opinion for investment advice
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      Administrator of a unique FREE service offering daily option strategies designed to produce a stream of income. This is a great place to learn options or for the experienced investor to save time searching for income opportunities.
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      MTS team Official Account
      Market views by veteran floor traders, sharing market observations. Posts are commentary only; analyze & trade at your own risk! Partners with Yahoo Finance and many others..
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      Mike Carleton
      Ace uses a combination of technical /fundamental analysis. He swing trades and invests too. He anticipates stock moves before they happen. Well-known theme stock picker. He was ClearStation's most followed stock-jock for 2+ years.
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      Maha Atma
      Big bank and hedge fund experience; Swimming in sea of sharks with this market. Fed is tinkering and they will fail again big time. Till then cautiously long on indices but short individual names
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      Alexander Alt
      Michael Corcelli is the Managing Member of the General Partner and the Investment Manager and serves as a Portfolio Manager of the Partnership. Mr. Corcelli has extensive investment experience as the founder and manager of Alexander Alternative Cap.
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      Vision without a plan is just a dream. Plan our trades and trade our plans. Business person of the year. Invest in game changers. Using both FA and TA for trading. Equities, ETFs, rarely options.