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      vishal makhija
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      Andrew Torchine
      Just a part time trader trying to make some money. I believe in fundamental and technical analysis. I do technical analysis on my days off. Only my best educated thoughts and ideas.
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      I am the founder and moderator of the live trading chat room at The teamwork among the traders in our chat room is very rare in this industry. I am proud to be a part of it!
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      Bruce J Moschella
      Substantial INSIGHT into the intention of price is attained by using statistical price structure. We use high probability market statistics to target the market's direction.
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      Warrior Trading
      Warrior Trading is a community of professional traders working together to generate ideas, post breaking news, and educate beginner traders. I run a live audio/screenshare feed into my office so anyone that wants to watch me trading can stop by
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      Options trading | Opinions are what make a market and these are ours. Visit site for premium subscription services _______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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      Salman Aziz
      I search for companies who embody strong intrinsic value, and potential for exponential growth. My style of trading is the thirty-thirty rule. Simply put 30% gains in 30 days.
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      *~ Japanese Artist in San Francisco. Trading stocks supports my struggling artist life to pay rent and free spirit to keep painting only flowing to pure inner world in me~*
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      Opt In Free at Trade Ideas, Market updates +Sunday Weekend edition. Active Swing and Forecast Service and all Recent Closed SRP Trades online at
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      Anthony Verdone
      Mentoring service where you only contribute when you see success. Email me - My posts are for entertainment purposes only.
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      bryan levin
      Follow where the volume is and use TA to justify swings. Love taking some profits at 10%. Biotech is my first love.
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      Joao Afonso Official Account
      Intermediate - Equities - Technical - Day Trader - Swing Trader
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      Nullius in verba
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      Thomas Jansen
      My own opinion! NO ADVISORY!
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      Jason Jenkins
      Prior to founding Jenkins Risk Management, I was Head of Rates Trading at CG Capital Markets. Before joining CG Capital, I spent almost a decade trading US Treasuries, I covered all the Primary Dealers and also many large buyside firms.
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      Pipaluk Sørensen
      Entrepreneur, connoisseur of delicacies, patron of the finer arts, and friend of the animals.
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      David Stendahl Official Account
      I focus on trading the global futures markets from a 100% systematic perspective. Tweets are commentary only. Trade at your own risk and analysis.
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      InvestiQuant Inc
      Since 2008, InvestiQuant (IQ) has been the trusted source for market intelligence research, tools, and services for active investors and traders worldwide. Learn more by downloading our free Quant Primer, 'Beyond Hypothetical' on our homepage.