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    Traderinvestor10 Joined Jul 26, 2012

    Majority (75%) of portfolio is used for long-term holds; rest is day/swing trades. Averaging UP is best method to accumulating wealth in the market. Patience (not stubborness) has taken a long time for me to learn, but has given me good gains.


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      dustin kimball
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      Daniel Scaini
      Associate Analyst at City of Toronto, Corporate Finance Capital Markets | Founding Partner and Lead Asset Manager of 'Scaini DiPietro LLP Consulting and Asset Management'
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      My team and I are the best out there to finding breakout and spikes. We are keen on maximizing our profits. Join our chatroom with our link **BELOW** for FREE and start winning today.
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      You can't get 9 women pregnant to have 1 baby in 1 month but get 1 woman pregnant and a baby will pop out in 9 months. Some things just take time. Stocks are no different. A good company will always have an ascending stock but may take time.
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      JF Hotte
      You can follow me on twitter @jfhotte Options Trader 20% | Long Term Investor 80% | Opinions not recommandations! Life goal: Be a millionaire and travel the world before I turn 35.
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      Leo Lyon
      When I'm not playing golf I putt around on StockTwits.
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      Antonio Costa
      I am a 42 year old private trader using propriety technical analysis with more than 18 years experience of investing in the US stock markets.
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      I've been trading since about 1986. Trading with charts, tools and common sense. Don't make big mistakes. Follow the trends. Never bet more then you can afford to lose. Hope and fear are not the way you make money.
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      A firm believer in using strict rules when trading equities. A developer of strict rules-based equity trading systems. In general, I tend to post targets, not predictions. Email me with questions. See profile link for my trading system targets.
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      Jason L
      Full-time engineer, recent college grad, and part-time newbie investor trying to not lose too much money in the stock market
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      In my experience, I have made money from depressed bio stock about 75% of the time, lost money 15% and 10% the rest of the time broke even. Knowing when to get in and get out is the key.
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      mike lawrence
      MBA, Credit Trained, Retired Financial Advisor, Commercial Banker. Buy and hold is dead. Take the emotion out of investing. Studying for CFA II
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      ♥ Unrivaled Integrity & Transparency.™ ♥ All trading services and social media content information can be found on my website. ♥ No comment of mine is investment advice. Do your own due diligence. Consult your own financial advisor.
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      Dina Diana
      I hope we all make it.
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      Dallman Ross
      Expat, ex-law left-coastian fan of Brownian motion trying to write his way out of a paper bag in human and non-human languages.
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      Trade our Range Extension, Consolidation Breakout, Parabolic SAR Breakout, and Unusual Option Activity trades in real time with timestamps and become a consistently profitable trader. Free 7 Day Trial.
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      Seeking most profitable risk/reward scenarios, both long and short. MCSE, fmr National IT Manager turned trader. Many claim to be great without making good calls. For my record, check my posts; which are not investment advice. Invest at your own risk
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      Kevin B. Bantz
      Reading the Music of the Markets One Crescendo at a Time. Past Floor Trader, Branch Manager and E.F. Hutton alum, keep listening.
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      Jerry Kerns Official Account
      Editor-in-Chief at Morningstar, Inc.