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    Robert Bragg Joined Dec 04, 2011

    Professional options and stock trader using both daytrading and swing trading as a combo, profits move to stock holdings particularly high dividend stocks. Trade big movers with options, my specialty is $AAPL


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      Jack Ryan
      Everything oil, investing, and economics. Follow me on twitter @RyanOilUSA
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      Meyler Capital
      Changing the way people think about and approach marketing and raising capital.
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      Tradespoon Official Account
      Former OptionsXpress Chief of Technology, providing daily stock and options picks with entry and exit points. Recommended by Barron's. Picks based on a quantitative trading system built upon statistical analysis. Try us for Free today.
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      aaplalert is a one of a kind provider of real-time automated text message alerts with actual entries and exits directly from our proprietary automated trading system housed in our offices in Chicago.
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      Trade wisely. #stocks #trading
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      Mercedes Oestermann van Essen
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      Kiki Fox
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      Richard Truex
      Technology Architect, learning to trade.
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      Oleg Waters
      Working as a software professional for 5 years now I have understood the wide potential that such offshore outsourcing company offers because during the course of development I had to be aware of varying time and culture preferences yet deliver a qua
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      Rej R Yujel
      Professional Trader.. MBA. Equities/Index/Etf's/Options/ Futures/Forex Trader. Patterns Based Algorithmic Trading. Full Time Swing And Position Trader. If you want to be a pro funded swing trader, please contact us.
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      cameron fous
      8 years pro trader. $371k in profits since 2011. Day/Swing trader focus.
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      Chad Rehmsmeyer
      Swing and position trader
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      Joe Saglimbeni
      Blue collar worker investing in stocks for over twenty years. I believe that anyone can invest in the stock market and achieve success by buying stocks of quality companies with leadership and strong fundamentals.