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    Scott Pickering

    Independant full-time Forex Trader. Trading Forex involves risk and may not be suitable to all investors. Trade at your own risk. Tweets and Blog Posts are commentaries only.
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    G. Thomas Lackey Jr.

    CMT CFP 19yrs in industry, Found charts in 2000, hooked ever since. Founding partner at Barber Lackey Financial Group & Presidium Capital. No recommendations, just your homework. Personal: Husband, Dad and Motorhead
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    Dave Fiedler

    Concise technical analysis/mkt commentary of futures, stocks, commodities. 30 yrs worth of insight and cynicism. Don't follow if you don't trade.
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    John Lansing

    Here at Trending123 we use some of the most sophisticated technical analysis to predict the movement of trades, our stock scanner runs an automated analysis of over 16,000 investment instruments, including equities, indices and currencies.
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    Robert Passarella

    20-years on Wall Street in the gray zone between business, technology and research. A veteran of Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Chase, and Bear Stearns
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    King San Jose

    A tech analyst. Stock trader. Financial Planner. ------------------------------------ I'm a Financial Planner, Venture Capitalist, Private equity manager,Local stock trader and a tech analyst who specializes in Swing trading.
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    Carter Rufe

    Equities Trader with T3 Trading Group, LLC
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    Michael Boutros

    Michael Boutros is a Trader / Currency Strategist specializing in FX markets with years of experience on FX Trade Desks. Currently, Michael is a Currency Strategist with DailyFX. Risk Disclaimer:
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    Sheldon McIntyre

    Professional Trader - @seeitmarket Contributor - Canadian
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    Official page

    FOREX IDOL â„¢ - this is professional, trading recommendation.
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    Alan Rich

    I have been a professional trader for 15 years and have had the privilege of working all over the world. I have appeared on television and in many financial publications. I have won trading competitions and lectured at seminars. I love the game.
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    Trading insights from 2 professional traders.
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    Fabrizio Goria

    Financial reporter @ Linkiesta, book reviewer @ Il Sole 24 Ore, correspondent from Italy @ Turkish radio & television
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    Jason Goepfert

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    Hywel Morgan

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    MTS team

    Market views by veteran floor traders, sharing market observations. Posts are commentary only; analyze & trade at your own risk!
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    Central Bank News

    A trusted and authoritative source of monetary policy updates from central banks around the world.
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    Greg Michalowski

    Chief Currency and Trading Analyst for FXDD. Author of "Attacking Currency Trends" . To order my book at a discount, please order from . Use discount code twit for a 10% discount.
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    Marc Principato, CMT

    Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Currency trader and strategist Trading coach
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    Chris Bayer

    Chris Bayer - FX trader using simple technical analysis, multiple time frames, focused on entry and risk control. I comment on the FX market and financial news every morning with the DAILY ..“The First Shot” morning webinar starting at 5:59 am es