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      Zack Q
      Just a college student whose turned $1000 into $5600 trading. Follow Me to find out the top gainers every morning and potential plays every night.
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      Invest is not bet, you can try but maybe you'll cry. My opinion is not your decision, choose an option at your own risk and please, don't scream to the screen ... it's not guilty!
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      Michele McHardy
      My daily goal: $500/hour profit in the first 2 hours the market is open. I usually only trade stocks under $5, risk only $5000 per trade and end each trading day holding one position...CASH. Click on my website below to learn more!
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      Natalie Scott
      I am a self taught GalTrader. I have been very lucky with my picks. Rule #1: Never fall in love with a stock and always take profits! Always do your DD. Good luck to all! If you have any good tips hit me up!
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      Sam James
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      Varun Tulsiani
      “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful” ― Warren Buffett | trading with 500k at 17 years old
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      Hollie Ritter
      Strictly a momentum trader, all my picks come from @BlackBoxStocks. Happy trading, everyone!
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      Nice Trades
      A daytrader
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      SwingTradeBot Official Account
      The bot keeps an eye on your stocks, alerting you to buy and sell signals on the stocks you care about.
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      Jay Linquist
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      The Jessman
      View every move as relative and important (not like marriage vows or promises to dying relatives). Prefer high relative volume moves, even intraday.
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      26 yo. Tall, blonde. I don't go unnoticed. If you see me, you probably would not think I'm into trading... Peace.
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      Losing Is Not An Option
      My posts and comments are a result of my own due diligence and are, consequently, my own opinion. I am not responsible for your losses. Do your own due diligence or consult an investment advisor.
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      Crab Claw
      KING-TROLL aka Crab Claw. You are Beer Money-I'm all Year Money- ❤️when u block me I wave my finger every-time #Dikembe Motumbo- stock market is Las Vegas in your living room - EVERY GAMBLER DIES BROKE. If my Mom was a Stock I would Short sell her 2
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      Daniela Kreinberg
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      Sterling W.
      As an SEC registered large trader (LTID #47682030) and an accredited investor, I'm seriously uninterested in anybody lecturing me with their glorious certainty of what every stock "will" do or what I "should" do according to you, or I'd ask. Thanks!