Jacqueline Joined Feb 19, 2014


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    Escaped academic (PhD Business Strategy) now full-time trader. "Professional" meaning it's how I make income; been trading for years, but I still learn /everyday. Values chartists who share. 'Employed' by NFLX (ha-ha!)
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    Steve Foxx
    I am a systems, rules based, long term trader & teacher. I go out of my way to avoid noise, while managing risk. I view the market via WEEKLY bars. A careful examination of my list of losing and winning trades tells the complete story.
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    Daniel Caliri
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    George Trad
    I've immersed myself into the investing and trading world for over two years now. I am very passionate about it and love every minute of the trading day. I'm always analyzing charts, looking at trends and any buying opportunities that may arise.
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    Christian Katczynski
    I am on the way of making my 1st Million (€) by the end of 40 ;-)
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    cody solari
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    Victor Roberts
    Learning trading. I welcome suggestions/guidance. I'm an MD in Florida. Waiting to start Global healthcare Co. Have ideas to start Clinics in USA to benefit from "Obama Care"! Proud of "Telangana" (newest state in India) INVEST IN INDIA not China