Cem Akay Joined Oct 24, 2010

graduate student, editor, blogger & internet specialist, photographer, difference maker, full of new ideas, loves cool & crazy things, adores adrenaline.


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    The Daily Trade
    The Daily Trade is a stock trading and alert service that is extremely affordable for traders and investors. We offer coaching/mentoring! Check out our Facebook page for trade updates and more great material -https://www.facebook.com/TheTradeoftheDay
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    Thomas Mason
    Digital Director, Tech/Social Media Guru, International Man of Mystery, Marketer, Bon Viveur. Editor, Broadcaster/Speaker/DJ, Author, Entrepreneur.
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    StockTwits Official Account
    Welcome to StockTwits! Share messages with cash tags e.g. $GLD or $AAPL and join the community. Make sure you also download our mobile apps for iOS and Android. http://bit.ly/stocktwits-app
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    Ricardo Del Rio
    Running the first Prediction Market public and free in spanish language
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    Charlie Amadeus
    Hedonic Buddhist, Anarcho-Socialist Singularitarian & Cryptopaclypse Evangelist. Head Honcho @ http://geekservseattle.com
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    Andrew Keene
    Andrew Keene has been an Market Maker. Independent Trader. Founder of KeeneOnTheMarket.com. Regularly Appears on CNBC, Bloomberg, WCIU's First Business & CBOE-TV.
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    Michelle Morris
    Since my senior year in highschool I have been interested in investing. I am now 26 years old and have just now started trading stocks. I learn something new everyday, especially with the help of investors.com. William J. O'neil is a genius!
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    Casey Jensen