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graduate student, editor, blogger & internet specialist, photographer, difference maker, full of new ideas, loves cool & crazy things, adores adrenaline.


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    Thomas Mason
    Digital Director, Tech/Social Media Guru, International Man of Mystery, Marketer, Bon Viveur. Editor, Broadcaster/Speaker/DJ, Author, Entrepreneur.
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    StockTwits Official Account
    Welcome to StockTwits, home of the human ticker, real time pulse of markets, and sentiment machine. Use StockTwits to follow your favorite stock, investor or trader and dive deep into open analysis and debate.
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    Ricardo Del Rio
    Running the first Prediction Market public and free in spanish language
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    Charlie Amadeus
    Hedonic Buddhist, Anarcho-Socialist Singularitarian & Cryptopaclypse Evangelist. Head Honcho @ http://geekservseattle.com
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    Andrew Keene
    Andrew Keene has been an Market Maker. Independent Trader. Founder of KeeneOnTheMarket.com. Regularly Appears on CNBC, Bloomberg, WCIU's First Business & CBOE-TV.
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    Michelle Morris
    Since my senior year in highschool I have been interested in investing. I am now 26 years old and have just now started trading stocks. I learn something new everyday, especially with the help of investors.com. William J. O'neil is a genius!
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    Casey Jensen