Audrey Hildreth Joined Jun 23, 2010


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    kenneth schneider

    42 year old electrical contractor. Ive always wanted to try trading, the downturn in construction has pushed me to try and become self sustainable and not rely on people who have a lot more money than me to build a dream house. I want my own dream.
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    Angel & Mike

    We are professional day-traders who mainly trade weekly options, FX, and futures.
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    Joseph James

    Professional Trader and Mentor. Specializing intra-day moves on the Gold, Crude, Euro and Russell. I run a live trade room, opens @ 8:00am EST each day M-F. 800.381.2084 Skype: SchoolOfTrade
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    Patrick Campbell

    With over 28 years of trading experience, we at Triggered Signal Trading use simple algorithms which show where to place risk with tight stops to allow winners to run to their full potential. Views expressed here are for informational purposes o
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    Trader Jax

    Pro Trader, Adventurer, Family man, Redneck Philosopher, Cracker Author, Hillbilly Teacher. Find me around America and the Futures, Stock, and Option Markets. Short term MinutemanTrader Everybody should be in the markets, and always Follow Your Bliss
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    Breaking news, live market updates, and Real-Time broadcasts straight from the trading floor of the CBOT & NYMEX, S&P, Emini, Grains, Softs, Metals, Forex, Bonds, and Energies
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    Bruce J Moschella

    Success in trading is not so much a reflection of your ability but rather a result of which state of mind you live in.
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    Cody Lambert

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    Dennis Parmelee

    20+ years experience trading, analyzing, and still a humble student of angels and demons. Focused on emini sp.
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    Mark Stone

    25 year student of the market and the auction.
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    retired hedge fund manager- professional trader- trading coach- father- husband- having a good time-always
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    Lawrence Chan

    Trader 20+ years experience. Designer of NeoTicker from TickQuest. Articles & models published in Futures, TASC, etc. Signals & analysis service available for subscription. Read full risk disclaimer here,
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    Tim Sholl

    Professional trader and broker since 1983. If you would like to set up a demo or live account to follow my signals email me at US regulations do not allow me to set up accounts for US residents Regards Tim
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    Steve Miley

    Steve Miley is the Market Chartist. He was previously a Director of Technical Analysis at Credit Suisse (2009-12) and 15 years at Merrill Lynch. He is the Technical Analyst Magazine 2013 winner for Best Fixed Income Research and 2012 winner for FX
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    Kam Dhadwar

    Professional Proprietary Trader based in London, United Kingdom. Uses Auction Market Theory and Volume Market Profile.
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    Forex swing trader. Usually prefer to hold trades longer than most. Days, weeks or months. Focus on H4, Daily and Weekly charts. Use Elliott Wave theory.