Doug Busch Joined Dec 08, 2010

Trading equities for 15+ years. Strategies can be viewed on my blog at


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    LP Traders

    Traders / Electrical Contractors. Researching Equities/ Technicals for low risk active trends in current market conditions to boost the best daily to yearly returns.Trade YOUR plan and don't listen to the hype FOLLOW THE TREND.GL
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    Beauty Bubble

    $ES_F / High Probability Set-up / Pro-Chartist TradingView / Intuitive Baskets / News Reader
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    I am here for the karma

    70% Options Trader and 30% Swing trader. Here to share ideas and meet some great people. My favorite strategies. 1. Throw hope out the window and trade to a plan. 2. Follow the volume in and follow the volume out. 3. Respect stops.
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    reuven ohr

    im 35. used to b stockbroker. have dversified portfolio, of all timeframes, disciplines, sectors & markets. intra-day, i play textbook & higest-quality technical & fundamental set-ups. i look for 3:1 Risk/Reward. stocks $10+, 500k+ daily volume.
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    Ed Matts

    Senior Market Strategist at Capital Management with 20 years experience combining trading, technicals, fundamentals and politics..
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    Ross Heart

    Northern Wisconsin Investment Manager / Disclosure: Posts are not advice and should be construed purely as informational.
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    Darren Miller

    Created the Market Awareness Profile (MAP). Author. Premium seller in the indices (SPX, NDX, RUT).
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    Tom Ingemanson

    Fluent in Russian, German, Swedish, Spanish, English (it doesn't go without saying!), yoga, Java. Getting there in Objective C. Wish I were in piano, illustration, the market.
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    Joe Acevedo

    Quantitative Analysis of the Markets
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    Srirama Tanniru

    PMP Certified•Investment Manager•Seller of US Equity Index options using Delta-neutral strategy & robust risk management•Intraday Trend trader of Futures•Credit Spread Trader of Commodity Futures' Options•Economics,News & Political Junkie
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    Daniel Miller

    Master of the BeanScreen. Roll tide.
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    Michael James

    Indie trader, 15+ yrs IT mgmt for private family medical practice, 10+ yrs R&D mechanical engineering. Ideas are opinions & not recommendations.
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    marz bonfire

    Full-time trader. Digital nomad. Social mood dude.
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    Just Watching

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    Blake Morrow

    Chief Currency Strategist, Wizetrade Group.
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    Marc Principato, CMT

    Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Currency trader and strategist Trading coach
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    Michael Niemeyer, Ph.D.

    Manage several accounts for risk averse family and friends since 2001. Working on swing techniques to grow accounts with no monthly drawdowns; want a low aggravation over reward ratio.
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    Jean Fonteneau

    Entrepreneur and former fund manager, now active independent trader, trading mostly the US equity market via stocks, ETFs and options, following closely the syndicate calendar for IPOs and secondary deals. Active in markets for more than 15 years.
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