Sean McLaughlin Official Account Joined Dec 02, 2009

Head of Community Development @ StockTwits. Evangelizing Social Communications for Investors, Traders, & Public Companies. Independent Trader. Former Chicago Board of Trade Member. Long Optimism. Hiking Enthusiast. Not in Chicago anymore.


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    Chad Gassaway, CMT Official Account
    Equities Trader at Grace Trading, Chartered Market Technician, Yahoo Finance contributor. University of Kentucky graduate. No statements should be construed as investment advice.
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    Ben Silverberg
    Man About Town; Raconteur; Adventurer; Drawn To The Markets Everyday; A Student of Wall Street
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    Sebastian J.
    I am a passionate value investor. DCF, EBIT and Graham Valuation, are my main tools to assess fair values. You will also find me posting net-nets or cigar butts as Benjamin Graham would say. Feel free to suggest me interesting stocks to analyse!
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    Irvin Goldman
    Former head of strategy of the Chief Investment Office at JPMorgan Chase, Irvin Goldman is president of Validity Holdings in New Jersey.
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    You can follow the HERD, I'll follow the $VALUE$
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    The Stock Whisperer
    Come follow all my trades as the_stock_whisperer on Stocktwits
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    Elaine Ou
    Rogue Trader at Sand Hill Exchange
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    Kris Andersen
    Dr. Kris has been trading stocks, futures, and options for > 20 years. Her daily market insights, articles, and Trade of the Day appear on her website. She is a contributor on SeekingAlpha where she has 65,000 followers & on Twitter @StockMarketCB.
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    Drasko Kovrlija Official Account
    Risk and portfolio manager. Former long/short hedge fund manager and prop trader. 20 years of market experience. Started career on Wall Street in the heady 1990s. MBA in Finance from NYU Stern. @seeitmarket contributor. Opinions are my own.
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    250 Characters would only scratch the surface and we wouldn't want to mar the surface of a gem with a scratch now would we? Dow Theory meets Western Patterns meets Japanese Candlesticks.
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    Doug Mckay
    Quantum Leap is a private trade room that has been around since 2009. It is a group of retail traders operating within a S.O.L.E (self organized learning enviroment). We are traders helping traders with focus on trading well.
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    Callum Thomas Official Account
    Multi asset investment strategist. My views are my own (and not advice!). Likes: charts, multi-asset investing, economics, geopolitics, contrarianism
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    Founder @SharkAnalytics | Analyst for #Schwab at age 20 | Focus on - Distressed Debt | Futures | Equity Options |
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    Aaron Brown
    17, Day/Swing Trader, learning how to ride the charts and patterns like a wizard. I use technical analysis and preferably use fidelity-active trader for all my chart analyzing. Don't puppet trade and so do your own DD all my ideas are OPINION.
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    Leavitt Brothers
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    Tom McGinnis
    ES/SPX tick-scalping and credit spreads
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    AnneMarie Trades Official Account
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    Evan Lightner
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    Quantopian Official Account
    Quantopian is a crowd-sourced hedge fund. Quantopian provides a platform for you to build, test, and execute trading algorithms. Live trading algorithms can become part of our crowd-sourced hedge fund.