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    Jason W. Joined Jul 13, 2012


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      Nate Tin
      Up 298℅ since i joined, only stock picking. My posts are speculation unless otherwise stated and should not be used for investment advice. Trading capital: 335k Macro contrarian fundamental trader.
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      Alexander Poulos
      Motto: I invest in undervalued (i.e. cheap) well-established companies trading at a below market multiple. The companies that I invest in are large stable companies with proven track records. My goal is the highest total return possible with the leas
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      Doug Beard
      Special Effects Technician.. Trend lines and volume are key. Support/Resistance for price action.. Candles light the way. The traders I know consider me a trend line specialist. But there's always plenty more to learn and discover.
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      David Bouchard
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      ★ Former Wall Street ★
      ★ Market Intelligence ★ FA, TA, Brownian Finance/Samuelson ★ SA Writer Contributor ★ COST/PriceClub early invstmt ★ Launched my career in $HD stock ★ Don't follow anyone blindly ★ Know what you own ★ Do your DD ★ Thanks for #FF & GL
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      Strategic Investments
      Investment specialists: Hi All, I'm studying investment banking (2nd year) & have created several formulas to track companies & their stock movements. If you're following me & have any questions about any company. Send me a message. Will gladly help.
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      Warren of Wall St Official Account
      Warren is the @SimplyWallSt mascot who helps you find great long term investment ideas. Get 3 months of our Investor plan FREE:
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      AlphaStreet Official Account
      AlphaStreet is now available on iPhone! Download here:
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      Earnings Whispers Official Account
      Short-term equity trading around earnings based on professional buy and sell-side expectations combined with quantitative studies and technical analysis - on both a top-down and bottom-up basis.
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      Like Gretzky says - play where the puck is going to be - not where it is
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      Nicholas Trader
      Focus on Canadian stocks and US large caps. I keep my charting very simple with focus on trend line, support, and resistance. My posts are my thoughts and for information only. Do your own due diligence before doing any investing.
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      Start with the insiders. We help investors track where the smart money is moving in Canada. We are free! Please read our disclaimer.
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      Remember the old saying; Bulls make money & bears make money but the pigs get slaughtered. Actually the pigs become millionaires!! Cause bankers & ranchers both know it's the herd that get slaughtered & the sheep get fleeced.
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      Nicholas Irianto
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      Mina Kevin
      People find writing profession a one boring job to do, but for me being a professional Author/writer is motivational. Working for Biz News 247 is an amazing experience, via this I got a chance to explore the industry in a better manner
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      Dean Borle
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      Kay Ng
      I'm a Canadian who primarily invest in US and Canadian dividend stocks. I'm mostly a value investor who spice up my portfolio with some growth stocks.
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      Syntec Ventures
      Investor and Day Trader. Trade based on TA with focus on minimising risk. Invest in undervalued tech w/ insane growth (my background). Sharing my trade ideas in real time for all. Like my ideas? Donate BTC: 1JXSXDF4Zi4NNvAxEyB6dXpqXCmofVtU93