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    Marcel Zirwes
    Technical Trend Trader & Manager Automotive. Father Of Two. Sports Enthusiast and Hobby Musician
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    Michael Jedlicka
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    Jeremy Moore
    I trade stocks, options & futures. I would consider myself a balanced technical/fundamental trader. I have also realized 99% of the people that post here are idiots except myself. When I follow you, follow back so you learn something from me!
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    Owner of WOWZAOPTIONS and Weeklyoptionplays.com .In hunt of 1x-10x bagger option plays. Iam unbiased to longs or shorts. Always be on right side of market.Keep checking WEEKLYOPTIONPLAYS.COM as it is getting updated with more Information.
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    Profit Confidential
    Profit Confidential is a daily financial e-letter. We deliver financial news with the opinions and interpretations of seasoned financial analysts and economists who have collectively have over 100 years of experience in economic and investment analys