David Putnam Joined Oct 19, 2010

Former VP @ Fantex.com - world’s first trading platform for investing in uncorrelated stocks linked to the cash flows of professional athletes ($VNDSL, $EMJLL, $SANUL $JEFFL $BRKSL). Alumni of Yahoo! Finance, Microsoft, and StockTwits.


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    Dennis Walsh
    Dennis is Senior Consultant and Director of Social Media at Sharon Merrill. He counsels clients on a broad array of investor relations issues such as earnings announcements, investor targeting, road show planning and social media.
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    Mike Langford
    CEO at finservMarketing See my LinkedIn profile for more info: www.linkedin.com/in/mikelangford2/
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    Michael McDonald
    FINIF specializes in financial sentiment analysis that allows investors to make sense of the thousands of tweets and news pouring in every minute using textual anaylsis and algorithms to gauge the investor sentiment.
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    Chris Nelder
    Energy analyst and journalist, author of Profit from the Peak and Investing in Renewable Energy
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    Gregor Macdonald
    Editor of www.terrajoule.us | Stocktwits Alum. | Cited in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, WIRED, Toronto Globe and Mail, Foreign Policy, MoneyWeek UK, Oil And Gas Journal. | Energy Journalist: Economist Intelligence Unit, Petroleum Economist.
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    Steven Spencer Official Account
    Prop trader and co-founder of SMB Capital and SMBU. Focus is intraday and swing. Will add some position trading in 2014.
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    Michael Babad Official Account
    Report on Business news editor and blogger
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    Chris Selland
    I get lots of email, sometimes I answer it
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    Michael Arold
    Over 20 years of investing experience. Short-term trading US equities since 2007. Covestor.com model manager. Since 2014: running A2M Capital, LLC (SEC registered investment adviser)
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    Ling Zhou
    Trader since 1994.
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    Matt Bolduc
    Mathieu Bolduc is an Equity Analyst at Saxo Bank. Previously he worked for a large international bank and a top four accounting firm before earning a Master's degree in Econometrics. Matt has completed the CFA programme.
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    Kine Kjærnes
    Project Manager at EuroInvestor.com A/S
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    SplatF is a new website from technology writer Dan Frommer (@fromedome)
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    Dillon Ferdinandi
    Work in adtech @Zemanta. Previously @Adobe / @typekit. All stocks go up, right?
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    Dan Ramsden Official Account
    Dan has been active in finance, strategy & business building for more than two decades. He has focused on technology & media for most of that time. His notes are here & in his book, The Age of Convergence (2013).
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    Robert Peck
    Bob is a graduate of Columbia Business School. He has been a Sr Analyst at Lehman as well as Bear Stearns, where he focused on Internet and technology. Bob then led Internet research at Baron Capital and has been quoted on CNBC and the WSJ.
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    Scott Adams
    Executive Editor, Report on Business, The Globe & Mail
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    Scott Brennan
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    Wei Hopeman