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      Jonah Engler
      Jonah Engler has made a career as a full time stock broker, while pushing his entrepreneurial spirit through a mobile phone start up. Jonah Engler is a New York based finance expert. For more inquiry feel free to message me here.
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      Carol Minarcik
      I look for Hot Stocks and Distressed Stocks...........Right Place at the Right Time! "To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence". Mark Twain
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      Stock Markets Daily
      Stock Markets Daily is a financial news and research organization. Our mission is to provide the most relevant, timely, and insightful information in order to help our readers make informed, strategic investment decisions.
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      Tom Bruni
      Market Technician & Founder @BruniCharting / Risk Advisory @EY FSO. Contributor to @allstarcharts & @seeitmarket. Avid user of sarcasm. All views are my own.