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    Antonio Costa
    I am a 38 year old private trader using propriety technical analysis with more than 18 years experience of investing in the US stock markets.
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    Jimmy Waugh
    10+ yrs in investment banking Held series 4,7,9,10,24,& 63 licenses
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    Patrick Haughey
    Dr. Patrick Haughey is a Professor of Architecture History. He teaches Building Cultures, Economics (real not ideal), and Global History. His research focuses on global trends, urbanization, unintended consequences and the resource economy.
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    Kelly Ogilvie
    Senior Policy Advisor to the Governor of Washington State. Entrepreneur, lover of science and tech, global macro analysis, and the universe we live in. All opinions are my own.
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    A North Investments Inc
    We are a financial services company that is reinventing investing experiences for the 21st century investor. Find out more about A North Investments and how we are changing the financial services industry by checking out our website!
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    Business owner and Investor. Main interests are long term investing in blue chip companies. Regularly speculate on S&P and Commodities.
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    Jim Bosco
    Individual day traders around the globe long and short. During .com period I bought everything at high I lost lot. Last 5 year I recovered all my loss. I am trading only value stocks no more high flyer. Only swing trade if I want.
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    John Butler
    "You gotta sell your pumpkin futures before Halloween, before!”
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    Moose Ray
    Investing and trading to learn as an aside to my career and passion.
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    Rob D.
    Life is a Beach and I am just playing in the sand! Fundamentals, valuation, vision, and growth. Disclaimer: None of my opinions or comments should be taken as investment advice. Cheerio!
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    University of Chicago MBA, fundamental investor that understands and utilizes technical entry and exits to add value. Specializing in Energy Sector, Value Strategies, Hedge Fund Long/Short Equity Strategies.
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    Craig Baroody
    Software Engineer for 30 yrs. Trust Fund Manager for 5 yrs. Now trading stocks on a personal level.
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    AF: "What kind of a fool do you take me for?" Phoenixrising: "Why, is there more than one kind??"
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    Trade the trends on INDICATORS
    Fundamentals + Technicals + Trade to Trade Well as I move with the markets. I like very volatile markets. I will share everything I know& I am ready to learn things from people who know more than me. Please follow me
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    David Bartosiak
    Momentum and Technical Strategist with Zacks.com
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    CANSLIM.net - Former E.I.C.
    Served as Editor-in-Chief of what became the very first leading independent website based on the CANSLIM ® investment system. He now runs his own website, where he publishes several reports including his flagship Sunday Stock Report.
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    Ian Rosen Official Account
    MarketWatch GM
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    Igor Gonta Official Account
    CEO and founder of Market Prophit. We analyze conversations in social media and generate real-time sentiment (bullish/bearish) signals & buzz. We also quantitatively score and rank financial bloggers based on the accuracy of their stock calls.
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    Ashraf Eassa
    Ashraf Eassa is currently a Senior Technology Specialist with The Motley Fool.