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    Ilya Parkhotyuk

    I am a professional day trader. Currently i am mainly trading Crude Oil and Dax futures markets also E-mini and Russel 2000. Check out my YouTube videos of live trades...
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    Michael Colagrossi

    The CEO of First Rate Financial LLC, he is responsible for overall revenue goals and cost management. Washington State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a minor in marketing.
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    Microeconomist interested in the ART of trading.
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    Stock Guy

    25 years of experience trading/investing. I'll share my Stock Picks I welcome information, tips and insights! ... Join Newsletter & View Disclaimer:
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    Stephen Castellano

    Previously an equity research analyst; currently consulting for start ups developing market research and budget forecasts.
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    Andrew Fletcher

    I am a professional equities trader with 20 years of experience who generates Long/Short ideas through charting. Not looking for day trades but it does happen from time to time. Focus on Short/Intermediate term idea's with target returns of 10% o.b.
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    Bloomberg News

    This is the official page for Bloomberg News headlines. Follow us on Twitter for top global business news of the day.
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    Stock, Options and Spread Investor / Trader. I use fundamentals to pick stocks and charts to find entry and exit points. I prefer companies to stick with for the long haul but will take profits short-term given the volatility in today's market.
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    Gary Gordon

    Gary A. Gordon, MS, CFP® is the president of Pacific Park Financial, Inc., a Registered Investment Adviser with the SEC. He has more than 23 years of risk assessment and portfolio management experience.
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    Aron Pinson

    CIO at LPS Financial, CFA, and author of the blog. Tweets are not recommendations. Please read the full disclaimer at
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    Dan Ramsden

    Dan has been active in finance, strategy & business building for more than two decades. He has focused on technology & media for most of that time. His notes are here & in his book, The Age of Convergence (2013).
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    Michael Bigger

    Michael Bigger is an investor and a trader who has been involved with trading technologies for more than twenty years. He runs the Bigger Capital Fund, LP and he manages money for many institutional investors.
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    Brian Bolan

    Former Equity Research Analyst turned Portfolio Manager. I run Home Run Investor for Zacks, ~20 small cap stocks and give buy and sell signals. I also run a trading service Breakout Growth Trader that is more short term.
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    Scott Krisiloff

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    ETF Performance

    Ask me what's driving your fund's returns.