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    Mark Reid Joined Apr 09, 2010

    Amateur Technical Analyst. I first got into TA in 2005. Though I have my own style, I am always learning from others. I look forward to sharing ideas, and wish everyone success.


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      Мартин Стојчевски
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      Stocks Rank
      Stocks Rank is a stock market rating system that analyzes over 5,000 stocks on a daily basis and picks the best 50 stocks to buy.
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      R C
      Momentum trader and writer for Co-director of iBC's trading room, 12631. Follow me on twitter:
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      Rej R Yujel
      Professional Trader.. MBA. Equities/Index/Etf's/Options/ Futures/Forex Trader. Patterns Based Algorithmic Trading. Full Time Swing And Position Trader. If you want to be a pro funded swing trader, please contact us.
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      Chad Rehmsmeyer
      Swing and position trader