Michael Filighera Joined Oct 12, 2012

Michael's history with financial markets dates back to 1979 on the Pacific Stock Exchange Options trading floor. Michael has traded in the US, UK (London Traded Options Market), Netherlands (Amsterdam's European Options Exchange), and Germany (DTB).


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    Charlie Taylor
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    John WIlson
    Commodities trader, sharing news, tips & trades. Copy me via http://bit.ly/O0CbFw
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    Adam Halpern
    (713) 893-8556 | Indicator Warehouse's Diversified Trading System (DTS) enables you to Trend, Swing or Scalp Trade... Any Market... Any Time!
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    Dan major
    Owner of http://www.howwetrade.com Helping to teach traders about the market, and some of the tools available to them to create an edge in today's high tech market.
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    jay dutch
    The QUANT , constrained GOAL-Optimisation and the HOLY GRAIL http://theJspot.vstoresite.com/
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    cameron fous
    8 years pro trader. $371k in profits since 2011. Day/Swing trader focus. http://fousalerts.com