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    Eduardo Ortiz
    I Drink Risk
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    Allen Simpson
    Eat, Sleep, Trade. Tweets are stock ideas for educational purposes only. Have a plan. Website: Twitter: @eatsleeptrade7
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    WSC provides unique Financial Market research and analysis including Indexes, Stocks, ETFs, Currencies and Commodities. We are working to build a smarter consensus. Ideas & Analysis are personal opinion and not investment advice.
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    bryan levin
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    NicaTrades is a live desktop streaming with audio service for live trade ideas and lessons alongside a chat room of helpful and talented traders/moderators. Please contact us if you would like more info on our room.
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    Venky Srinivasan
    Technical trader focusing on Swing and Momentum Trades. Opinions or trades here at Stocktwits or in my blog are my own. No affiliation to any organization. Disclaimer: No recommendations/ideas. Trade at your own discretion.
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    Ron Coby
    I'm a 28 year industry veteran who started on Wall Street in 1987. I've worked as a Stockbroker, Syndicate Manager, Investment Banker, Financial Analyst, Market Strategist, Published Author, RIA and Hedge Fund Manager.
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    I am the Founder & Chief Contributor of the website I am also a StockCharts University Certified Chart Watcher. Researching companies & chart analysis are my strengths. I day & swing trade. My ideas are not investment advice.
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    derek knott
    22 year old business marketing and communications advertising, Chapman University, with a passion for buying and trading securities. -Fundamental analysis -Trading since March 2014
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    Married to a wonderful wife. Utility engineer in real life. New-ish to investing & not very good at it. Interested in economics, trading, programming, data analysis, statistics, math, science, and... gardening
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    Gorilla Trades Official Account
    Gorilla Trades has been a trusted resource for thousands of investors, stockbrokers, and fund managers for over 15 years by delivering unbiased, reliable information with an insider’s edge.
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    No Bull$hit Trading
    They're no Professionals in this industry! In life if you don't put 100% into what you do, you don't get 100% out of what you've done. "COURAGE & GUTS"
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    DayTrading Power
    Live day trading chat / Free swingtrade newsletter (better than any pay newsletter) / Access to 20:1 leverage buying power with Nonko / Education. All daytrading all the time. See website.
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    Donna Peran
    You can find on my web site the most updated information on One Stock that from my point of view is undervalued. The present stock (from May 12, - 2015) is PTIE Pain Therapeutics Inc.
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    Sean Dekmar
    Teacher to 2000+ Day Traders in Over 15 Different Countries! Join the DekmarTrades Team by clicking the link below! Email for any Questions, Comments, or Concerns.
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    Nik hugh
    MBA in Finance, IT & Project management, Medium and Long term trader, Expert & Professional in trading. "Nobody can catch the lowest price, but with your intelligence you can definitely catch the right price" by Championinvestor
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    The Speculator
    I'm a Big Gain Hunter. I go for pure momentum. I target powerful breakouts. I've opened up my trade journal to show how I do it. It explains my entries. My wins, my losses. Education of a Speculator:
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    William S.
    Business owner and published author.