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    Tom Sagar Joined Feb 20, 2012


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      Estimize Official Account
      Get access to earnings estimates from 4,000 of your buy-side and independent analyst peers. Academically proven more accurate & representative than First Call.
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      Full time Dedicated Trader for 5yrs. Economics News junkie.Trades via pivots/technical setup w/ mix of Fundamentals valuation.(Posts not intended as investment advice,trade on your own discretion) Follow me
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      Becky Hiu Official Account
      Fundamental and technical trader. This is the personal Twitter account of Becky Hiu and is not connected in any way to a professional designation or vocation. Opinions are my own. Trade at your own discretion.
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      Sterling Wolfe
      SEC accredited investor, SEC Registered Large Trader (triggered by having traded over $200 million a month). If you think LTID's and ST are mutually exclusive, don't talk at me, don't talk to me, just block me and save both our time. Thanks. :)
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      Helene Kelly
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      Dina Diana
      All posts are only my humble opinion. I do a lot of DD and learn every day. One thing is for sure- the market is a beast of vultures that will trample anything in their way for a string of meat left on a bone. I trust in a Higher Kingdom.
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      Tech trader focused on charts, volume, price momentum and sector analysis
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      My Credit Spread Course it's just 7 short videos for $399.99 now offering the 21 Day Challenge on $SPY (Money Back Guaranteed) Offer ends Sept 14, 2015 more info copy & paste >> or email me
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      Profit TradingRoom
      Daytrader for 10+ years. Developed HIGH Winning % strategy. To GET IN for FREE trial email: / Best broker: LINK below! When filling new account application email me when at "References" to get MUCH lower commission plan!
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      Making $ w/ Joe Sixpack
      Turned 10k into 1/2 million in 2 yrs! I consider myself a day/swing trader; however, I also maintain a separate portfolio with long term holdings which I add to when good opportunities present themselves. --Take profits daily!
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      Laura Lee
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      No hindsight trading !! All my calls are made PRIOR the move right here. I also provide edu material such as annotated clean charts, Free videos on YouTube. I teach traders from beginner level to advanced. Signup for my Free weekly SPY video analysis
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      Skeletor ( Bones )
      Your only as good as your last mistake !
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      Ray Tango
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      James Grey
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      Love trading for a living! Keeping it simple & trading my plan! Mental flexibility is my choice - short / long. Performance is key, not opinions. Here to expand & learn. My banter is not at your own risk.
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      Paul P.
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      Becky Marju
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      Swing Trade Warrior
      Pro trader and educator for a large Wall Street trading chat room. Become an educated, self sufficient master of risk. Real time education, alerts & results. Follow me on $TWTR and Instagram @SwingWarrior
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      The Stock Market Basics
      Obsessed day trader looking to take the market for all its worth bringing all of you along with me for the ride & promise to bust out a sick amount of money making Tweets everyday FOLLOW ME!