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Attorney-by-day, SCUBA diver and traveler. Posts are mostly notes to self "Risk is life, life is risk. Only death corresponds to sustainable equilibrium." - Didier Sornette


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    Natalie Scott
    Day trader and published author www.facebook/Natalie Scott Warning I am an emotional trader. I have made a lot of money and lost it! But I always root for my stocks to succeed! Are you a rule maker or a rule breaker?
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    Bryan Wilkerson
    Stonewall Research advises and sells research to pension funds, hedge funds, day-traders, and asset management firms. We are passionate about quantitative analysis. Bryan Wilkerson is Chairman and director of research.
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    David Busick
    I do one thing and I do it very well; precise Fibonacci entry levels on any futures contract,equity or option. Lover of the blues; Muddy, Howlin, BB, Lightin', Buddy, KWS .. Stay humble or the market will humble you.
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    Andy Hecht
    Andy Hecht is a sought-after international commodity trader, an options expert and analyst.
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    Dick Seigler
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    Myke Smith
    Studio mix engineer. Lover of chips/salsa. Admirer of vodka and Chipotle. Primarily ES futures. Swing trades are for the IRA (no leprechauns).
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    Danan Kirby Official Account
    Institutional Client of Various Wall St. Firms. Low Volume High Quality Posts With An Institutional Perspective.
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    Robert Alexander
    Robert Alexander, better known as ‘Alex’ in trading forums, has been a full time trader for over a decade. Focusing on breakouts and volume, developing a unique view of charting that has served him extremely well.
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    Invested $400k in stocks in 2012 and held.Now worth over $1 million. Did not obsess about market, slept well, traveled, and kept daily focus on making world a better place. Trying to learn trading for greater gains, but not make $$ my purpose in life
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    The Jessman
    Shorting stocks that spike up is gutless and easy, but it's also like French-kissing your sister (repeatedly).
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    Nich George
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    Swing at the fat pitch.
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    Tony Woods
    Study charts and learn to interpret them in your own way. Understand that psychology plays a huge part in trading. Trade without fear or remorse. "If everyone hates your investment thesis its likely to be profitable"
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    The Queen City North Carolina. Posts my are personal opinions and not a recommendation for buying or selling. Informational purposes only. Do your own due diligence.
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    Joe Kelly
    Due diligence is a nice way of blaming others for taking your bad advice. Eventually the price will go up so shut up and wait.
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    Darvas Box System
    Darvas Box trading system with a few modifications for modern times. Rule #1: don't lose money. Great system, easy to use, defined risks. God bless America!
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    Unlike day-trading which is based solely on technical analysis, we identify Story Trades by combining headline news, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, & social sentiment to achieve superior returns. 100% ROE in 2013. 200% in 2014.
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    So Generous
    Financial Engineer. Big on Biotech. Using technical analysis, I am able to consistently produce profitable trades & abnormal returns. Made 1,000%+ on FB, NFLX, and REGN options. My goal is to become the greatest investor and trader that ever lived.
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    Kevin Wright
    E-wave + Fibonacci + Momentum.