N. Nguyen Joined Aug 15, 2013

Attorney by day and wanna-be trader when I have time.


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    Mining gold & avoiding bumbles
    Prospecting since 1998. This game is all about making Big Money when you're right. I look for winners using volume, charts, and fundamentals. My system is very Darvas-like.
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    Ben Rabizadeh
    I'm a story/position trader combining headline news with fundamental & technical analysis to target 5-100% gains from intraday to 3 month periods. I'm best at anticipating the next "story" & reading market emotions. Up 100% in 2013 & 200% in 2014.
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    So Generous
    Financial Engineer. Big on Biotech. Using meticulous technical analysis, I am able to consistently produce profitable trades and abnormal returns. Made 1,000%+ on FB, NFLX, and REGN options
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    herb greenberg Official Account
    Editor, Herb Greenberg's Reality Check
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    Neil C. Flynn Official Account
    I work as a US equity and macro analyst at Chinese Investors in Shanghai, and have opened my own private hedge fund in London, focusing on US equity investments. My primary research focus is US-listed Chinese equities.
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    Mark Johnson
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    Jerry Khachoyan
    Day trader. Markets. Macro. Musings. Armenian. LA Native. UCLA Grad.
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    Alan Lindquist
    Love life, love to help. Survived Tower 2 on 9/11. Should have bathed in gold after 2nd Greek default but was cheated by IMF. Only offer my opinion when I think it makes money.
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    Kevin Wright
    E-wave + Fibonacci + Momentum.
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    Roel van Ark
    Beginner trader starting to pave my own road to success. “Speculation is far too exciting.... the ticker is always on their minds. They are so engrossed with the minor ups and downs, they miss the big movements.” - Jesse Livermore
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    I love the intellectual strategy, the art of timing&the great people you meet. Nothing beats making $ off of your $ & meeting interesting people along the way.
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    Andrei Diakov
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    Elizabeth Nguyen
    My posts are my opinions and should not be treated as professional advice. I lose money consistently so stop asking me for advices.
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    Business Development professional
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    Bruce Fleming
    Network architect and highly pragmatic macroeconomist...resource scarcity, commodities, forex and global moving parts. Author of "Natural Apex", a book on national energy policy strategy available on the web at: http://bit.ly/apexresources
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    Trade Followers Official Account
    Stock Market Signals from Social Media. Trade Followers builds technical analysis indicators by quantifying StockTwits and Twitter streams.
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    Ben C. Banks
    19 year old momentum trend follower, student of @NCState, Eagle Scout and fitness enthusiast. Romans 8:31.
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    Sharon Yau
    I trade off of support, breakout patterns, catalysts, and momentum. I will either scalp, scale in intra-day, or will build a position for days anticipating a big move. Love volume. Love under $20 stocks.