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    Leverage Your Lunch
    Proprietary Algorithmic Trade Signals. Full Transparency on Swing Trades. Trades posted here & visible real time on DittoTrade.com. Disclaimer: All ideas and trades are our own opinions and should not be construed as financial advice.
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    I base my opinion around the use of median line in patterns and time evolving fibonacci relationships - I am neither long term bear or bull but aim to be on right side of fence on a daily basis Always bet against my house, please!
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    Carra Esteban
    Conservative trader utilizing multiple indicators with simple charting techniques. Focused on precision trading to maximize optimal entries and emphasis on the time value of money.
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    Patience & Discipline
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    Hard work, dedication, tenacity & downright stubbornness I refuse to quit! I will be a great trader come hell or high water! Thanks for all the help!
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    Greg Harmon Official Account
    Founder and President Dragonfly Capital. Premium Service and free blog at Dragonflycap.com, Professional Stock and Option trader, Author, Get my book here http://amzn.to/1gKxEVv
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    Mark Em.
    "The market is always right – it cannot be wrong. Only we are wrong for when the market does something we did not anticipate, our analysis is at fault not the market."
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    trade with conviction. If you have little confidence, you can easily be shaken out by the broader market. You need to believe in your thesis each and every day.
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    Darshan Dorsey
    Creative Analyst, cross-asset ETF and SPY options shark.
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    Brad Vogel
    Stock Trading Setups and Methods for Profits If you are a Trader in the Stock Market then please join our facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1591646047771748/
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    Market Maker
    Past: Former Co-Founder of financial advisory firm, clients in the Americas, Europe & Asia | Present: Ultra Aggressive Beta Select | Near Future: Bulge Bracket Market Maker | Stock Market Rule 1: Never bet against my desk. Rule 2: Remember Rule 1.
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    Trade SPY & Sector in focus OTM weekly. Stock Market Gambler Rule "Bet big but never average down on loser". Risk only with gamble (Casino) money.
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    Evolution Trading
    Former energy commodity trader. BSBA Finance & MBA from University of Louisville. Intermediate options trader, equity swing trader, occasional day trader. Financial Markets are my playground!
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    Bruce Wayne
    Don't chase. Buy the pullback. Follow Price & Volume. Don't follow me blindly & my ideas should never be regarded as investment advice.
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    chris passarelli
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    Head Trader for a L/S Hedge Fund based out of NYC. Opinions expressed here are my own and not representative of the firm. Any Trades mentioned here are for my Personal Trading Account which is speculative in nature.
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    Stock Market = Ponzi
    Proprietary system built on big data pattern recognition algos. 85% daily success rate since Feb '15. Full transparency on options traded. Shadow my trades on Dittotrade.com. Before you start trading options, STUDY THIS: http://bit.ly/1mg9AGo
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    Lloyd Cox
    Home of the 100K OPTIONS CHALLENGE that doesn't charge $599/mo. Watch as a professional options trader turns 3k into 100k. Mentoring available on both stock and options.