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    Howard Lindzon Official Account Joined Jul 10, 2009

    Co-Founder and Chairman of Stocktwits, Founder of Wallstrip (Acquired by CBS), Managing Member of Lindzon Capital Partners (Hedge Fund) & Managing Member of Social Leverage (an early stage web holding company) ...I have lot's of ideas. Toronto boy.


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      ValueWalk Official Account
      Official twitter feed of, evergreen and analysis on everything hedge funds and value investing. Under the radar hedge fund ideas - check it out!!
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      Carla Simmons
      Just a math/finance double major at USF trying to learn a thing or two about how to make it in the stock game. Yes, that's really me.
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      Tuberider Official Account
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      Former Marine Grunt, Intelligence Professional and Threat Finance specialist. Global Macro Trader, Vagabonder, and Founder of Foundation Investing -- a global macro service that goes everywhere and trades everything.
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      Professional Market Strategist
      Offering private consulting to help you make money and succeed trading futures, forex, options and stocks. Delivering deep foresight and uncanny trend forecasting at critical inflection points. Contact me, your success is my priority.
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      Started trading options on January 20th 2015. I Trade like a Cheetah and a Sparrow.
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      Swing trader, options. Love theta; king of time. Trader since '98; days of Lost it all 3x to learn. Bulldog trader knows patience is money. I founded famous dotcom's but anon jimbo wtf to you.
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      Tree n Home
      Momentum day/swing trader. real time twits buy/sell at the same time. I will take gain 1/2 pos quickly right after break out (break even point down in case) I will take small loss quickly when it returns back under the even point or breakout point.
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      Tautoga Onitis
      I like: crabs, mussels, mollusks, sand shrimp, amphipods, and worms. I grow very slowly and like to sleep at night.
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      Jason Jenkins
      Prior to founding Jenkins Risk Management, I was Head of Rates Trading at CG Capital Markets. Before joining CG Capital, I spent almost a decade trading US Treasuries, I covered all the Primary Dealers and also many large buyside firms.
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      Ploutus fund
      17 Years Trader , Focus on the short side but also play the long , Short stocks trending under their 50 SMA Started PloutusCharts to share my knowledge
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      Omid Ashtari
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      My investing style adapts to the market. Value + yield investor at heart. I base stocks on intrinsic valuation, not market valuation. Favorite themes: Tech, health, green utilities, food, water. Searching for developing monopolies + disruptors.
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      James Madison
      Macro/Value/GARP/Contrarian Investor. Bringing the enlightenment and scientific reasoning to the world since 1791 with my boy; Thomas Jefferson.
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      Measure the wood twice, cut it once. Views posted here are solely my opinion, do not constitute a trade recommendation, and have no relation to the views of my employer
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      Michael Kahn, CMT Official Account
      Chartist, technician, journalist, author
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      Tom Anderson
      semi-retired in 30s, entrepreneur, market research expert, data scientist, stock junkie. typically hold 5 singles and some funds. 420.
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      Daiv Russell
      Koala bear - the cutest kind. Not selling anything -- not a single damn thing. Here to pass the time while theta decays and the market is open.
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      Trading professionally since 1993. Macro approach includes equities, rates, and FX via options and futures. Primarily swing, but including day and some position trades.