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    Paul H Joined Jan 26, 2012

    Just another turkey until I can prove a track record of performance on stocktwits.


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      Dylan Garnett
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      Kyle Tavares
      Kyle Tavares is a jeweler and designer that provides ethical jewellery who is passionate about educating the gem lovers about the beauty of gemstones and diamonds.
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      Oliver Sloup
      Senior Account/Managed Futures Specialist at iiTRADER. Visit our website for our free in-house research. Also check out our CTA's and Systems
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      Streetwise Reports Official Account
      Focused on precious metals, energy, life sciences, base metals & agriculture. Streetwise features the leading investment coverage of gold, oil, uranium, biotech, pharmaceuticals, REEs, alternative energy, silver, platinum, medtech & fertilizer.
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      Nour Osm Jr.
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      Corporate Communications
      NYSE:EXK TSX:EDR is a silver mining company focused on the growth of its silver production, reserves and resources in Mexico.
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      Expertos en Inversión
      Inteligencia para sus inversiones. Portal financiero con perspectivas, análisis e ideas de trading sobre los mercados de capitales internacionales. Encuéntrenos en Twitter como @expertos_inver
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      Ur-Energy USA Inc Official Account
      Ur-Energy is a dynamic junior mining company operating the Lost Creek in-situ recovery (ISR) uranium facility in south-central Wyoming.