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    Jovim Ventura Joined Dec 04, 2012

    Chicago. Entrepreneur.


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      Muscle Trading
      Began challenge with $2k! Each day I rolled entire account on 1 stock and sold next day. $8415 (420%) in 2 months (35 overnight trades) VERIFIED PUBLIC RECORD! CHECK SITE! Picks/Training LAUNCHED! Get my TOP 3 OVERNIGHT PICKS EVERYDAY/month for $50!
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      Tim Turenne
      Monitoring markets since 1985 and actively trading them since 2002. Desire and daring are nothing apart from discipline.
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      Investment Analyst. I invest in & follow a small universe of "high quality" Growth & Value Co.'s w/ strong fundamentals, valuable & timeless BRANDS & high %s of domestic revenue. I try to INVEST w a LONG TERM outlook & not trade. 500%+ TR in 7 years.