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    Jeff Reznik Joined Oct 11, 2013

    May all your resistances become supports.


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      Elaine Benes
      Former high school math teacher for 20 years, now a trader by day, tutor by night. I am trying to educate myself here to be a better trader. I love music, comedy, movies, sports, nature, and animals, especially dogs.
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      Leylaneth Herman
      Gob (I love you BABA), my daughter, my mom, writing, reading and trading are first in my life. Be Good, See Good, Do Good. OM SAI RAM
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      Christy Ai
      Sell-side institutional equity trader, turned HC venture capital, turned back to trader specializing in Consumers (Gaming/Lodging), HC (Generic/Specialty Pharma, SMid Cap Biotech)
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      The Dude
      I'm The Dude. Call me Dude, Duder or Duderino. I just go with the flow. I look at a chart, I see where its been, and figure out where it's going. Then I invest my entire Rubiks Cube inheritance that I'm right. And I'm right 99% of the time, man.
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      Brad Schopenhauer
      Swing/momentum trading. All charts, no emotions.
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      uranium pinto beans
      Experienced Stock Options Trader, Currency Trader
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      Joanna Bell
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      Investor in commercial real estate and equities for 20 years.
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      Dawn Rinaldi
      Industry veteran and loyal student of markets. FT technical trader (supply/demand) Mastermind student of Online Trading Academy. I do NOT buy hi/sell lo. -Everything you need to know in the charts - listening. (NOT here for fees)
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      twitter: @Trading_Analyst
      CMT Level II Candidate --------------Trading is simple. It's the individual trader that complicates things. Tune out the noise and focus on price and price alone---------JOIN OUR FREE CHAT ROOM TODAY!
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      AnalystRatingsNetwork (Formerly ARN) (formerly Analyst Ratings Network) provides real-time financial information to investors at all levels.
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      Kelli Frias
      Kelli Frias is an assistant professor of marketing at Texas Tech University's Rawls College of Business. She largely explores how businesses old and new commercialize new technological ideas.
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      Carra Esteban
      Conservative trader utilizing multiple indicators with simple charting techniques. Focused on precision trading to maximize optimal entries and emphasis on the time value of money. "I suck like a remora!" ;P
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      apri turner
      I love America
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      Past: Former Co-Founder of financial advisory firm, clients in the Americas, Europe & Asia | Present: Ultra Aggressive Beta Select | Near Future: Bulge Bracket Market Maker | Stock Market Rule 1: Never bet against my desk. Rule 2: Remember Rule 1.
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      Marc Eckelberry
      Futures trader. Contributor to T3 Live's Buzz & Banter.
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      Ken Kilpatrick
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      Werner R. Kranenburg, Esq.
      I'm a New York attorney devoted to representing stockholders in cases against corporations, directors and brokers. Messages are for informational purposes only, are not legal advice nor intended as solicitations. Skype: kranenburgesq