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    jeremiah Joined Nov 19, 2011

    Middle school math and science teacher in low SES urban area. I am working on becoming adept at swing trading. All help and advice welcome.


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      I trade off of clean naked charts by analyzing the pure price action that is written on the chart. I am a freelancer and willing to work with anybody in trading world that values my knowledge. I have done it all, from mentoring to running chatrooms
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      Vinay Jha
      Free daily picks for swing and day trading.
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      Ben Sellers
      ES futures trader! Come check out free chat room with great traders :
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      27 yo swing trader w/+4 yrs of experience. Continually learning & being humbled by the Mrkets. Bio Degree. ENJOYS: charting w/Creativity. STRENGTHS: Squeezing out profit. Tweets are opinions not advice.
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      Day Trader Paradise Chat
      Precise algorithmic trading and crowdsourced TA from some of the sharpest traders around. Largest free day trading chatroom on the web (800+). We call out market moves *before* they happen and teach how we do it. Invite link below...
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      Philip Davis
      Philstockworld is a Membership site teaching winning stock, options & futures trading, portfolio management skills and income-producing strategies to investors like you. High Finance for Real People - Fun and Profits!
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      You can find on my web site the most updated information on One Stock that from my point of view is undervalued. The present stock is LGF (May 2, 2016) if share price cross $24.5 level, target price is $28
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      James D
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      "Our job as traders is not to call the market, but to interpret setups that have an edge." -- Jeff Cooper "1. Anything can happen 2. You don’t need to know what is going to happen next in order to make money." -- Mark Douglas
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      Ivan Beljan
      Pro trader with 10+ yrs experience including several fund manager roles. Mastering several specific setups provides extraordinarily high returns.
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      Dave Mabe
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      Brett Steenbarger Official Account
      Trading coach, stock index trader, author, blogger, five kids, six grandkids, and four rescue cats. I have a special interest in the integration of quantitative and discretionary approaches to trading.
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      I have a strategy based, winning approach to trading. Price, technicals and swift executions make up the essence of my style. Most of my day trades are short! I also swing trade. No emotion, no hype. I trade what I see! DM for lessons.
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      Stock Market Samurai - Chart Coach - Technical Analyst - Please Checkout - Free 10 Day Trial - join the chat for real time stock market charts & educational information - watch MyChartCoach YouTube channel
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      compsci background, high perf software engineer by profession, fintech fanatic, entrepreneurial, food lover, soylent lover, traveler, NBA fan, geek, and avid learner
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      Vish nall
      Technology, bio, energy and services.
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      I have worked as an Analyst/PM in the Hedge Fund Industry for 16 yrs and Headed a Research Department for a Boutique Research Firm in NYC. My goal is to bring my Institutional experience to main street.
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      Jeffery Lebowski
      I’m the Dude, so that’s what you call me. That or, uh "His Dudeness", or uh "Duder", or "El Duderino", if you’re not into the whole brevity thing. Careful man, there’s a beverage here!
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      Dr Troy Koon
      Twenty five year trader with multiple firms Combo trader between daytrade and true Swing trader. Knowledge is power but timing rakes profits. Sometimes nuggets of knowledge go a long way with newbies and intermediates on here
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      Part-time Momentum Trader, Part-time home maker. Ex Wall Street Stock Broker